11 Easy solutions to make the dark room look bright.

If it is dark and there is no source for direct light we do not have much options. Let’s evaluate 11 Easy solutions to make the dark room look bright.

In modern living we may have some rooms in our apartment or house which is quiet dark and source of natural light is blocked due to some compulsion of design error.  We would surely like to make the room look brighter and useable.  Here are 10 Easy solutions to make the dark room look bright , which are easy and workable.

Let’s jump into the 11 Easy solutions to make the dark room look bright .

  1. Paint the wall in white.
    Without any thinking or discussion you can just paint the walls in white colour.  Paint is the best Interior Designer.  If you are not able to figure out what to do with any of the place, wall or object in your place, just paint it.  Painting something in a different colour can change the look and feel of the place totally different.
    Painting the dark room in white will make it look much bigger and any amount of light, be it natural or electrical can brighten the space more easily and in a better way.  The room will look smart, clean, big and soothing due to the white colour.  This is one of the Easy solutions to make the dark room look bright.
  2. Paint the ceiling in white.
    While you paint your room in white, paint the ceiling in white as well.  By the way, the ceiling should be preferably painted in white always.  To give an one point better look you can keep the tone of ceiling and wall one point different.  This is just an option, you can paint in exactly the same shade as well.  This is another Easy solutions to make the dark room look bright.
  3. If possible put a reasonably bigger size mirror.
    Consider putting a large size mirror in the room.  Large here means that the mirror must complement the space and its furniture.  Any size of mirror will enhance the look and feel of the space.  Also you can think of putting one or two mirror as well.  The work of the mirror will be to give a feel of increased size of the room, reflect more light and make the room look brighter.  This is one more Easy solutions to make the dark room look bright.
  4. Have color changing mood lights options. For using in some special ways.
    This is an ornamental way of enhancing the beauty of the dark room.  If you add more feature to the room, it will become more useable.  The mood changing light will enhance the value and beauty of the room.  The brighter shade will make the room feel bright and wide whereas other colours will help you in using the space in different ways.  This is an Easy solutions to make the dark room look bright.
  5. Have more number of light fixture.
    You must have more in number light fixtures in that room.  With the invention of LED Lights, you can reduce the electricity bill even if you have to use the light for the full day.  The reason I have asked you to install more light fixtures is so because you may need different level of brightness at different times.
    When you are not using the place much you can just keep one light switched on, which will give you the minimum light you may want.  But when you are using the space or you have guest in the space you can brighten the space.  Sufficient light in the space will make you feel nice in that dark room.  This is a very useful Easy solutions to make the dark room look bright.
  6. Convert it into TV room, Home Theater, Study. For this type of use you may not require much brightness.
    Another option is to convert the dark room into TV room or Home Theater.  This can be taken as blessing in disguise.  We love watching videos in darker environment.  You can convert that dark room into a full fledged and functional Home Theater.  You will enjoy watching your favorite movie or programme in that nice dark, cosy room.  If possible this is an Easy solutions to make the dark room look bright.
  7. Hang some fake long length curtain.
    The fake curtain in a small area to give look of a window will psychologically give a feel that you have kept the room dark, intentionally.  This will also give you a feel of the room being bigger and inviting.  A nice and attractive coloured drape which matches the decor of the room will add a lot to the room.  Here, please keep in mind to preferably keep the colour of the curtain in lighter tone.  The curtain should just merge with the colour of the wall and should not stand out.  It is just a camouflage effect to your dark room.  You can try this Easy solutions to make the dark room look bright.
  8. Create a Fake Window.
    You can think of creating a fake window on the wall, mount a fake window on the wall and install sufficient LED light strips on the back of the window frame.  Keep the glass of the fake window frosted glass.   The frosted glass will diffuse the light and will keep your secret that the window in a fake and not an actual and openable window.  This window light can be kept switched on all through the day to give the required light in the room.  This an unique Easy solutions to make the dark room look bright.
  9. Use light colour floor if you do not have one in light colour.
    If you room has a darker shade floor, you can change it to a lighter tone.  If you do not which to go for the difficult stone floor like marble or tiles, you can think of putting Vinyl Planks or Wooden Flooring.  There are many different light tone shades available in Vinyl as well as Wood.  This is another Easy solutions to make the dark room look bright.
  10. Do not clutter the room, keep minimum fixtures.
    Less is more is the mantra, when it is a dark room or a space where light is an issue. Keep the room with minimum number of fixed structures or furniture.  Do not create fixed structures in that room.  The moveable, light furnitures and fixtures will work better in that space.  Try to keep them as less as possible.  This does not mean that you keep the room vacant, some fixtures are must.  Preferably keep them as light as possible.
  11. Find way to get natural light.
    The most important point not discussed is to find ways to get natural light and ventilation.  Many times we have possibilility of creating a window of whatever size which can bring in some natural light into the room.  If you have the option, first work on that.  This small trouble and investment in bringing in natural light will be of great use to you to make the room usable, livable and enhance the air quality of the room.  This is not that easy but still we would call it Easy solutions to make the dark room look bright.  Put some effort to this which will solve your problem permanently.This brings us to the end of our 11 Easy solutions to make the dark room look bright .  Hope this article was of some value to you.

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