Advantages of having all white paint in your space.

Paint is the most important decor component in any house or building.  It becomes very difficult for the owner to decide on the color of paint.  Instead of selecting the color, there is one wonderful option of painting the entire premises in “White”.  There are numerous advantages when you paint the entire house of premises in white.

Painting our house, bunglow or office is a very challenging thing. You have to choose colours, decide on other colour codes like furniture, flooring, furnishing etc.

Suppose we decide to paint everything in white. Everything means everything like doors and windows also.

Now let us see what are the advantages of painting everything in white:

Do not have spend time in choosing the colour.

Just choose the best white colour you like and go with it. No wasting of time and brainstorming on colours and colour combinations.

Gives lots of brightness to the place and optimises light.

The white colour dramatically gives lots of brightness to the place and the available light be it more or less it opimises the light and makes the place brighter and bigger.

White is easy to repair and maintain.

Suppose you go with all white interiors. It is very easy for you to repair and maintain. Incase you have to repaint somewhere, you just have to buy the last white paint you used and get the wall or space repainted. You do not have to scrap the old paint. You do not have to make the ground or base for the paint. With minor repairs of the wall you can just paint it.

If you have used a good quality washable paint you can just clean the marks on the wall easily.

The place looks bigger with white paint.

However its a repeat point but can be considered as a very important point and a separate point. Where ever you paint white the place automatically looks bigger. Do not think twice to paint a small space in white.

White paint can be the base for any additional decor.

When your entire space is in white, you can use any and every colour to enhance the decor and add layer. You can use any colour furniture. You can use any colour floor. You can use any colour upholstery. You can use any colour of drapes, blinds etc.

White paint never goes out of fashion and out of style.

White is the colour which has never lost its charm since centuries. If you paint your space in white it will never be out of fashion or style. Just go for it.

It is easy to work and experiment with White Paint.

When you have white paint in your space you can experiment with all type of colours while using all the other colours in blinds, curtains, furniture, upholstery, flooring, wall paintings, wall decors, accessories etc. After placing anything in a room, you can shift the fixtures from one room to other with lots of convenience.

White looks clean.

The white paint looks very clean. If the space is nicely maintained it looks even cleaner. The white colour adds to the feel of cleanliness.

White colour allows to bring colour anywhere.

Again this looks like a repeat point but is important to make it different and separate point to let the readers understand that you can bring in any colour into the white wall space. Place anything in any colour of your choice and done.

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  1. I found it interesting how you mentioned how a room with all white walls can make your home look cleaner and feel bigger. My wife and I are building our new home and we want to make sure it looks as neat and clean as it possibly can. I will be sure to keep this in mind as I search for a painting contractor who can help us out!

  2. Amazing article. Being minimalist, i was looking for white color wash in my entire new home. Then i found your article and cleared all my questions here. Thanks.

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