Difference between Laminate and Veneer.

This is going to be a short and sweet blog on difference between Mica and Veneer. We will take it point wise.

Point No.1 – Product – Difference between Laminate and Veneer. – What is Laminate and what is Veneer.

Laminate is a product made of layers of Kraft papers having top layer of design or printed paper. Veneer is a thin layer of around 1.00 mm or more, of natural wood, sliced from a wood log. The slicing is done like sharpening the pencil or peeling of potato skin. This thin layer is pasted on a ply to make it usable.

Point No.2 – Quality – Difference between Laminate and Veneer. – What is Quality difference in Laminate and what is Veneer.

Laminate quality is identified by the thickness of the laminate. Thicker the laminate, better the quality is considered. Secondly the protection layer on the top decorative layer of the laminate. Also the design of the the top layer or design layer of laminate may affect the cost of the laminate.

Veneer is a layer of natural wood. The quality of veneer differs on following points :

Thickness of the layer of the veneer. Thicker the layer the more the cost and thinner the layer lesser the price.

Size of one single piece of veneer.

Scarcity and demand of a particular species of wood. The veneer of costly wood species will cost more and cheaper wood species will cost less.

Uniqueness of the look and feel also affects the quality.

Point No.3 – Use, usability and how to use .. – Difference between Laminate and Veneer. – What is Use, usability and how to use in Laminate and Veneer.

Using laminate is easier. A reasonably skilled carpenter can do the work of pasting of Laminate. You can get a particular shade and design of the laminate as much as you want. A large project which need to be done in one colour scheme can be done in Laminate. A corporate company which need to standardize the interiors of its office in different parts of the world can specify laminates to be used to get the desired look and feel. Laminate being a man made or machine made product does not require much precaution of treatment while installing and using. Laminate can withstand use abuse more than veneer.

Veneer is a natural product is unique always. One lot of veneer will look different from another lot veneer of the same species. While using veneer in your projects it is recommended to buy sufficient quantity of veneer for your particular use. Incase, you feel short of some particular veneer at your site, it may become extremely difficult to find the same of matching veneer. Installation of Veneer is also critical. You need an experienced and fully skilled person to paste, install, protect and polish the veneer. Improper pasting, protection and polish of veneer can become very risky. So please ensure that the installation is done perfectly.

Point No.3 – Selection – Difference between Laminate and Veneer. – How to select Laminate and what is Veneer.

Laminate being a machine made product is easy to select. You can get the shade selector and even full sheet display of Laminate. While selecting laminate.

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