Difference between Mica and Veneer.

Let us try to understand the difference between Mica and Veneer. Mica here means laminate sheet or decorative sheet for furniture and interior work and Veneer is the wood veneer used for the same work of furniture and interior decoration work.

Laminate Mica.

Let us try to understand Mica or Laminate.

As per wikipedia laminate is the a product made using multiple layer of any product to make a new product by way of heat, pressure, welding, adhesive etc.

Mica or laminate is also a thin sheet with decorative top layer made out of layers craft paper firmly laminated with the help of plastic infused adhesive and bonded using very high pressure. The top layer is the design or printed layer to give you the design of your choice.  Keep reading furthur to understand difference between mica and veneer.

Laminate Mica Wooden Colors.

If you want to add color to your decor mica is the best. You can get almost any colour of your choice and requirement. Mica laminates are easy to maintain and use. The sheet of mica can be directly pasted on plywood, MDF or HDF to get the desired finish, design and look.  This explains the Laminate part in difference between mica and veneer.

No additional work is required to be done on the laminate mica. The product is prefinished from the factory. There is no limitations on availability of the quantity you want in laminate mica.

It is a must to mention here that mica or is also know in India as Sunmica. This is because the pioneer or the first company which introduced this product in India was Sunmica. This name has become synonymous to mica laminate.

Wood Veneer

Wood veneer is a thin layer of natural wood peeled from wooden logs. This is the original wood. All veneers will be in wooden shades only.  The layer of the wood is peeled off from wooden logs just as we peel off the wood from our pencils.

Just for illustration.
Peeled layer of Pencil.

The veneer are also derived by slicing or straight peeling the wood. This process can be understood by peeling off potato. Veneer can be derived by that process also.

After peeling or slicing the veneers are segregated and pasted on a sheet of ply for better strength. This helps in protection of the veneer and ease of use and convenient to market and sell them.  After pasting the veneer of ply is gets the required strength for transportation, storage and ease of use by carpenter.

To get the best result the veneer needs to be polished after fixing on interiors or furniture. The veneer must be processed with sealers to protect it from moisture etc.

Logs for Veneer Processing.

The difference in quality and price of the Veneer varies due to following reasons and points to consider.  While buying veneer you may have to consider following points.

  • 1. Species of wood.
  • 2. Thickness of the veneer.
  • 3. Size of the single piece of veneer on the ply.
  • 4. Use of small pieces of veneer to get a veneer sheet.
  • 5. Stains and design created.
  • 6. Unique finish or design created after processing the veneer.
  • Above are few reasons of difference in rates in the market.

So before we close, let us have the one liners for our question and topic – difference between mica and veneer.

Mica is a layers of craft paper pasted together in high pressure with top designer or printed layer protected for longer life – VS – Veneer is a layer of natural wood pasted on a ply.

Points to consider while using Laminate or Veneer.

The sample of the Laminate looks almost same as the actual product that will come to your site.  While Veneer is a natural layer of wood.  The design and look of the veneer cannot be understood without putting water on the Veneer Ply.  Even after that the actual look and end result may slightly vary during polishing and finishing the Veneer.

Another important point is that, Laminate is a man made product.  You can get one particular design and grain as much as you want.  Whereas, Veneer being a natural product you will not get supply of a particular veneer as per your requirement.  So whenever you are using Veneer at your site, please ensure that you procure sufficient quantity of Veneer considering possible wastage during installation.

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