8 Great Ideas to keep your building cool and thermally insulated.

Summers are very hot in many areas, specially in India.  In India summers are very hot.  Due to this heat the indoors of any building become very hot and sometimes humid as well.  Here are 8 great ideas to keep your building cool and thermally insulated.

Summers are wonderful but the heat is not that pleasant, specially in areas where the temperatures are too high.  There are many options to keep your indoors cool by way of Air Conditioning, Air Cooling etc.  But we cannot stop the transmission of heat.  If we can restrict the transmission of heat from outside to our indoors, these cooling devices will be more effective and less costly to use.  Hence here are the great ideas to keep your building cool and thermally insulated.

The process of restricting the heat (temperature) from transmitting is called thermal insulation.  With the increase in temperature in summers, protecting the living spaces from summer heat is the major problem.

The heat of the sun gradually transmits our living spaces through the walls and RCC Roof, Tin Shades or any other modern day home, office or factory.  In olden days the houses were made in such a way to minimize the heat transmission using natural products.  With the use of modern products thermal insulation is a major issue.

Thermal insulation can be done during construction itself.  We are not covering this area in this article.

We will be covering the challenge of thermal insulation in existing buildings.  Here we are giving the name and introduction of few products which can be used for Thermal Insulation or in other words, minimizing the transmission of heat in any place.  The first and foremost is the air.  If you give a gap with air in between any two surfaces it is a wonderful insulation.

Now let us see the different products available which can work as a barrier to transmission of heat.

Different Products available for Thermal Insulation:

1. Glass Wool/Rock Wool.

This product range is a very good temperature insulator.  This is also a good sound insulator as well.  The product comes in shape of fibers.  Lately this product is now available fully covered from all sides.  There are some health hazard issues in this product.  The open rock wool or glass wool has lot of harmful fibers which can easily fly in air thus leading to harmful affect to health.  Every precaution should be taken to cover this material before using.  If this issue is taken care of this can be a very good product for checking the transfer of temperature (be it hot or cold).

This is the first of the 8 great ideas to keep your building cool and thermally insulated.

You can install this insulation under the ceiling and then cover the area with false ceiling.  Similarly, you can insulate the walls using them and then flushing the wall with secondary wall paneling.

2. Mineral Fiber Tiles.

The mineral fiber tiles are also used for heat insulation, but this product is mainly useful in sound insulation and aesthetics.  We do not recommend this product for the purpose of heat or temperature insulation.  Of course this product can be used with other insulating products for better and perfect effect.  However, for controlling normal issues this product can be a very easy and effective solution.  We suggest using Glass Wool, EPS, and XPS before covering the place with the false ceiling of Mineral Fiber Tiles.  We have to first put glass wool, rock wool, EPS or XPS Sheets under the RCC or any other ceiling.  The installed insulator can be covered with Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles.  Mineral Fiber Tiles will finish the surface but the work of insulating the heat will be done by other components like rock wool, glass wool, EPS and XPS etc.

This is the second of the 8 great ideas to keep your building cool and thermally insulated.

3. Calcium Silicate False Ceiling Tile and Board.

Calcium Silicate Board is a good product which is fire proof and a good thermal insulator.  This product can used to create dry walls.  The Calcium Silicate Boards can work as a very good thermal insulator again if used with some additional insulating material or without.

Normally, the maximum heat is transferred from the roof.  If the roof is treated nicely major issue of heat transfer can be treated.  Calcium Silicate False Ceiling Tiles is a wonderful solution to this.  The Calcium Silicate False Ceiling Tiles is a wonderful product with wonderful features like light weight, 100% RH (Relative Humidity), in other words the tiles are 100% water resistant, non combustible, fungus, termite and bacteria proof.  The thermal conductivity of these false ceiling tiles is 0.043.  Due to this figure of excellent thermal conductivity, these tiles perform wonderfully in locations where we have to control the heat transfer in any building.

The leading brands who can supply you this product are Aerolite and Armstrong.  If you have a tin shade or even RCC roof, false ceiling of Calcium Silicate Tiles can give you relief from the heat transfer which will save on your cooling cost.

This was the third of the 8 great ideas to keep your building cool and thermally insulated.

4. EPS (Expanded Polystyrene Sheet).

EPS is also called thermocol.  Thermocol sheet is a very good heat insulator.  EPS is made by bonding the EPS balls.  This is a common product and almost everyone is aware of this product.  The product is very light weight and density of the product can go upto a certain extent only.  The product has limited life.  But this product is a very good temperature insulator.  A reasonably thick sheet can work as a wonderful barrier to any thermal transmission.  This product can be used under the false ceiling to enhance the thermal rejection (heat rejection) in any structure.  But I personally would not recommend using this product as effectiveness and life of this product is not very impressive.

This is the Fourth of the 8 great ideas to keep your building cool and thermally insulated.

5. XPS (Extruded Polystyrene Sheets).

This is the improved version of EPS.  XPS in comparison to EPS (Thermocol Sheet) is a stronger and better product.  It is a block type material made up of polystyrene.  The product is very strong, has very little water absorption and is a wonderful thermal insulator.  To the best of my knowledge, this is the best product which can be used in construction stage  available in thermal insulation as on date.  This products performs quiet good if used during initial construction stage.  The XPS sheet can be sandwiched between two brick walls, which will give you excellent thermal insulation.

XPS can reduce the indoor temperature by almost more than 6 to 8 degree centigrade.  Also it can delay the increase in indoor temperature in summers.  In areas where evening or night temperatures are cold this product can do wonders, as by the time the heat transmits the outdoor temperature will start to decline.

This is the fifth of the 8 great ideas to keep your building cool and thermally insulated.

6. Mgo Boards – Magnesium Board.

Next in the list comes the latest enterant – Mgo Board or Mangnesium Board.  Magnesium Board is very strong board and has thermal conductivity almost equal to Calcium Silicate Tiles.  This board can be easily used in outdoors as well.  Mgo Boards is a very good product in pre fab structure buildings.  To explain this, you can create a structure of iron on your top floor or any where else and the walls of that metal structure can be covered with Mgo Boards.  You can put the Mgo board in outside as well as inner walls and finish the interiors with the help of Mgo board.  The outer wall of Mgo board can be painted as usual.  The indoor walls of Mgo board can be finished in various ways like – Wall Paper, PVC Lamination, Install Tiles on Mgo Board.  You can install almost anything on the walls of Mgo Board.  Windows can be created in the metal structure and finished and installed.  You can also create dry walls of Mgo Board which are very strong, thermally insulated and also can be made sound proof by adding glass wool, rock wool, EPS or Xps in between.

This is the sixth of the 8 great ideas to keep your building cool and thermally insulated.

7. Weather Coat or heat reduction paint on roof and outer walls.

Suppose we have an existing building and we cannot do much with the structure.  We can reduce the the temperature of the building by around 6 to 8 degree centigrade simply by painting the roof top and sun facing walls from outside.  This paint will work as a barrier to easy transfer of heat to the indoors through roof and walls.  The colour of this paint is generally white which will reflect the UV rays and heat.  The coat of the paint will not allow free transfer to heat to indoors.

This is the seventh of the 8 great ideas to keep your building cool and thermally insulated.

8. Hanging of Agro Net or Green Net.

In the case that you want some temporary solution to heat, the easiest thing is to hand Agro Net or Green net on the walls facing the maximum sun light.  Similarly you can mount the green net over your roof.  The green net will work as a barrier between the hot sun light and your roof top.  This can reduce the indoor temperature substantially.

This is the eighth of the 8 great ideas to keep your building cool and thermally insulated.

I am sure you must have found some useful inputs in this article.  You may be having more inputs to this.  Please leave your input in the comments below.

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