How and why to hire an Interior Designer.

For making a new place or redecorating a space we may need an Interior Designer, Interior Decorator or even an Architect. The point is how and why to hire an Interior Designer.

First of all let us make it clear that Interior Designer, Interior Decorator and Architect are not one and the same professionals. Let me try to explain in my words:

Interior Designer : One who is capable of designing the interiors. Can make drawings, can do the planning on paper in a professional way using drawings, design concepts and who has done some study on the subject for atleast 3 to 5 years on the subject.

Interior Decorator: This person can be an Interior Designer as well and who has started taking up the entire projects. Also this person is a contractor who can execute the plan and design of the Interior Designer or Architect. Gradually with his experience he has graduated to be an Interior Designer.

Architect: This person is an expert in construction and has complete knowledge on how to plan, design, construct, source, hire vendors and also each and every portion and part of construction. This includes electrical, plumbing, civil, interiors etc. Later during the career this person can choose some specialization like, civil, interiors, structure of any niche segment. They has have spent time studying every aspect of their field of specialization.

The above classifications will help us in making it clear about how and why to hire an Interior Designer.

Now let us come to our point of the topic, how and why to hire an Interior Designer. After reading above points I am sure you are clear about following lines:

All Interior Designers are not Interior Contractors & Architects.

All Interior Decorators are not Interior Designers & Architects.

And above everything else All Architects can be Interior Designers, Interior Decorators and of course Architects. Hence, Interior Designing and Interior Decoration is just a part of the entire Architectural work.

Again this adds up to make it clear how and why to hire an Interior Designer.

First things first, make the list of things you want to get done. You must know what you want. This is the most important thing. As you are planning to hire and Interior Designer this means that you want something or other to be done for which you are looking for an expert or an helping hand. So make sure you have maximum details of what you want. This is one reason on how and why to hire an Interior Designer.

Next is the budget. Make a tentative estimate or budgeting of the work. In other words, how much money you are ready to put into the work. Also if possible you must be ready with the type of designing you are looking for, like ethnic, modern etc. Another point to keep in mind while deciding upon
how and why to hire an Interior Designer.

Now survey the market to get the interior designers of your choice. Unless you are sure about, I suggest to atleast talk and research about minimum three to four professionals. Meet them in person, talk to them and also make sure to check atleast three each recent of past projects done by the professionals. After you are sure of hiring the particular professional have one more meeting with the person. This is also a very important step while deciding on how and why to hire an Interior Designer.

After you decide on with whom you want to go ahead and deciding upon the cost and fees, always talk to him/her on following points:

  1. Give information about your taste and needs.
  2. Give information about your likes and dislikes.
  3. Your preference of colours and material to be used.
  4. Your living style and standard.
  5. Most important is your budget.

These are the above main points you should consider talking to your designers before you start with the planning. This will save your time as well as the time of your designer. All designers know about the above components and they will talk to you on this. But it is always better if you know about these points and both of you are in sync on the above points. This will save you time, money, work and rework. Now I think you are much more confident about how and why to hire an Interior Designer.

After both of you have finished discussion on the above points. The next step is the “Pre Estimate – Pre View”. Here your designer will make a first design, estimate and overall view. Now both of you can have few meetings on this and do the necessary tweaking, changes on this. You can have an initial view, idea of overall design, working plan, add some new ideas and also remove some ideas you do not want. This will again give you an idea of the cost of the work. After seeing this set of work you can make necessary changes to the design to match with you budget. Here you can also plan to increase or decrease the budget.

Final Design

Now you must work on finalising the final design. This is the most important part of your work. Give your time and concentration on finalising your final design. Your final design is the thing that will be enacted and layed on the floor, walls and ceilings.

Decide on Time of the project

After finalising the design you must talk on the time of completion of the project. There may be many issues that may arise during the actual working at the site. Make it clear about the flexibility regarding the time of completion. In India, many things may go wrong. My advice is to add 20 to 30% extra on time agreed between you and the designer. Nothing is impossible, so if you do not want to be flexible and you want the deadline to be met, make this clear between you and your designer.

Implementation with sequence of the work.

Work can be done in sequence. One thing cannot start till something else has been done. Make a flow chart of the work. Few things can be done simultaneously. Plan the requirement of funds. Many a time projects get delayed due to non availability of funds on time. So flow chart of the work and availability of funds with clarity of work is very important. Any change you make to your plan will change your timeline.

The most cumbersome and difficult task is to handle and manage different agencies who will be doing different jobs like flooring, furniture, paint, electrical, plumbing and many other small and important things. Do decide on who will be managing them and getting the work done.

Taking the Handover.

You will have to take the handover from your contractor, interior decorator or interior designer of the project after the work has been completed. While taking the handover following things must be taken note of:

  1. Checking the final work. Highlighting all reasonable issues and problems.
  2. Getting the rectifications done.
  3. Taking list of Vendors and Suppliers name, address and phone numbers with warranties, guarantees and service warranties with vendors and suppliers.
  4. Meeting personally (if possible) with all the vendors so that you have direct contact with all vendors. This is because you will be using the space.

After Handover Service.

Always agree with your designer, vendors and contractors about after handover service. Make it clear with them as to how much and on what points they will be giving the after handover service and for what time. Always prefer the vendor and designer who is ready to give your after handover services. If they are agreeing on this, they are responsible and will ensure proper work and material.

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