How to avoid falling from stairs ?

Falling from stairs is a very dangerous. It can be a major loss for elderly people if they fall from stairs. It is very important to take precautions on this and avoid this accident. Let us discuss how to protect ourselves from falling from stairs ? Let us discuss the reasons and solutions to this mishap of falling from the stairs. How to protect ourselves from falling from stairs ?

Few main reasons we slip may be as below:

  • Wrong size of stairs.
  • Worn or old stairs.
  • Improper slope of the steps of the stairs.
  • No stair railings.
  • Improper or no lights in staircase.Few are the above reasons why we fall due to some practical reasons why people fall from the stairs. Other reasons for falling from stairs can be:
  • Medical reasons of non balancing, weak legs, bad eyesight, overall weakness.
  • Improper dress.
  • Improper shoes and sandals.
  • Careless use of stairs.

Above are quite a few or almost main reasons why we fall from stairs. If you think any other reasons please do leave your comments below. This will help our fellow readers. So do spare some time and leave your comments.

Now let us come to the section how to avoid falling from stairs ? What are the steps we should take to avoid falling from stairs.

1. Size of the Stairs :
When you are planning stairs keep the stair riser height upto 6 inches and do not cross above 8 inches in any case. Keep this same throughout your entire staircase. Even a slight mistake in this can be very very dangerous. People may fall or loose their balance in the step that has the slightest of variation.
Alongwith this the depth of the step should also be uniform and equal. Any minor change in this can be equally fatal.

2.  Railing:
Do not underestimate the importance of railings. Railings help us in keeping our balance and regaining our balance while climbing or coming down the stairs. Holding the railings ensures safety and reduces the possibility of falling from the stairs. Do plan to have proper and strong railing in your staircase.

3.  Proper Light in Staircase:
This is another silly reason we fall from stairs. Even after having everything perfect, people fall from stairs when there is no proper light. So make sure that the staircase is properly lit. Invest in proper lighting of the staircase.

Some steps that can be taken if you are planning to construct a new staircase or putting up new stairs.

4.  Rough texture line near the edge of stair step:
If you are planning to put a stone stair like granite of marble, you can plan a straight line running along the width of the stair which should be rough in finish. The rough stretch of line on a smooth step of the stair can work as a barrier incase you slip on the stair step. This line should be on all steps of the stairs. This can be of help.
But with the usage this roughness can become smooth and slippery. You may have to re do the roughness after some time.

5.  Groove Lines on the steps of the stairs.
We have seen straight 2 to 3 groove line on the steps of the stairs running from one end of the stair to another. These lines can also work as an immediate barrier to the slip. But I have my own doubts about this. There are rare chances of these grooves being of any help to you when you slip as they are depressed towards the stone step. When you slip on a smooth surface how can a depressed line stop you from slipping or falling. I personally do not recommend this as a solution.

6.  Metal Strips inserted in the grooves.
This is somewhat helpful. As on the above point we just have the grooves, but in this case we have the grooves and in those grooves a metal strip of around 4 to 5 mm thick are inserted and a part of that metal strip comes out and above the surface of the stair. These metal strips can of course be useful. But with passage of time they may look attractive but may become slippery by themselves.

7.  Abrasive tapes near the edge of the steps.
This is one of the best solution to stop you and protect you from slipping from the stairs. These tapes are super effective and easy to install, reinstall or remove. They are very convenient to have. The tapes can be used on all type of stairs – new, old, stone, wood, tile, glass, metal or any other stair.
If you want to be double sure you can put two lines of tapes which will ensure that you never slip from the stairs.

8.  Stair Nose on the edge of the Stairs.
Another solution is that you can put stair nose on the edge of the stair. These stair nose can be of wood, metal or steel. If you have a very high traffic area and want instant solution for slipping from the stairs, you can install stair nose of iron angles. The iron angles must be firmly fixed on the stairs by nuts bolts, screws and if possible by welding etc. The stair nose should not be loose fixed to avoid any accident due to loose fixing.

These are few solutions for avoiding the accident of falling from stairs or slipping from the stairs. Hope this has been useful. Please do leave your comments below.

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