How to decorate our rented house ? Few easy to do tips.

How to decorate our rented house ? Few easy to do tips.

Many of us live in rented houses, now let us see how to decorate our rented house ? Few easy to do tips.. Generally we may have to vacate our rented house due to our personal reasons or the reasons of the landlord. When we vacate our rented house we may sometimes have to leave few things on which we invested some money on.

This gives a bit unhappy feel to leave the thing you invested on from your hard earned money. Here comes the question of how to decorate our rented house in the best way ? The answer to this is there, but there is no best way.  Everyone may have different ways to do this.  Let us try to find some very easy ways to decorate, some with nominal costs and others with some a bit of more cost involved.  So lets start and discuss – How to decorate our rented house ? Few easy to do tips.

Let us jot it down in a way we all love to read. In points and bullets.

1. Beautiful Door Mat. Try to use a very attractive door mat which gives an impression of something beautiful coming ahead.  The doormat gives the much needed first impression and also keeps the dirt that may enter your house outside and out of sight.

2. Decorate the Main Entrance. Spark up your design buds to make your entrance gate look beautiful. Hang some clay art or some other small wall hangings on the side walls. If you can make a rangoli design on the walls of your main gate it will look great.  For that matter any other design which you are comfortable with or you love will add a lot of value to your entrance.  Wind chime is a known option and looks nice.

3. Use a Creative Name Plate. Your name is the most precious thing in your life. Use your design buds and hang an elegant and exclusive name plate of yours. You can hire an artist to make your caricature with your name plate. It is not that difficult with computer these days.  There are many more options available these days in name plates.  The back lighted name plates can do two jobs at the same time, they can keep your entrance illuminated while displaying your name.  Do not put the house number on the name plate you make as that may get changed when you shift the rented house.

4. Use a designer letterbox. If you are not living in an apartment where letterboxes are in the ground floor, make an exclusive looking letterbox.  Many designer letter boxes are available in the market and many you can create yourself.  You can make the letter box colourful to add life, colour and energy to your entrance.  Even if you do not get many posts these days, letter box looks great.  You do not want to clutter, this can be excluded as well.

Now let us get into the house….. and furthur understand – How to decorate our rented house ? Few easy to do tips.

5. Use different types of lights in different areas. The lights can make ordinary look extraordinary. Use colours, LED strips, Lamps, Wall Lamps to make your house look exclusive.  The table lamps in different designs and shape looks beautiful.  The table lamps can be easily carried along when you decide to change the rented house.  While thinking about decorating our rented house, just examine whether the decorative can be carried along when we decide to move out.

6. Play with Curtains. Curtains are very important in any decor and interiors.  You can add your personal touch with curtains of your choice. You can make curtains from your old or new saree, which can look beautiful. Online stores like Amazon etc have a wide range of ready to hand curtains.  While buying curtains online but curtains which are longer. If they are longer than your windows, do not cut them. Long curtains look better and also will be an advantage to you if you have longer windows in your next rented house.  Curtains are very significant when you decorate your rented house.

7. Decorate the doors inside your rented place. Use your design buds to make your doors look special. This will make your place lively. Anything you put on these doors can be carried with you when you move or can be of very nominal cost.  The ideas can to be to put some motivational posters on the gates, hanging some small pieces of art made by craftsman or anything and everything your creative mind suggests.  Try a few and one other will look superb.  If you want to put some money into it you can paint different doors in different colours.

8. Rugs, Runners and Carpets on the floor. Add few characters on the floor by using rugs, runners, carpets, durries on the floor.  Putting these durries or floor pieces on the floor will make your rented house special.  These small pieces on the floor can decorate your rented house instantly without doing much. All these things will add great life to your rented place.

If you want to invest some money into this  you can install wooden flooring  which can be removed and carried when you move out.  You will be lucky if you are able to reuse them in the new place you go.  Keep few boxes of the wood floor extra with you so that if your next room is bigger you do not fall short of the wooden floor.

9. Use plants to add life and decor to your rented space. Plants add lot of energy and life to any place. You can put few indoor plants inside your rented space. They will enhance the look and feel of your place. You can add flower vases and dry plant vases as well.

9a.  You can design you balcony, terrace or open space using plants.  Put plants of different heights together in a corner of your balcony or any other space, add some light, clay art, artifacts, outdoor chairs and you are done.  You have a terrace garden ready for you.  Now again if you want to invest some money into it, get artificial grass.  Do not paste the artificial grass so that whenever you move out you can carry it with you.

10. Wall hangings are wonderful decor idea everywhere. In rented space they work even better. They will give you personal look and feel, life and energy to your space. Here you can hang art pieces, family photos, artifacts and what not. Just keep in mind not to over do this.  To many wall hangings may give a cluttered look to your place.  Just go by your taste, if you like lots of wall hangings that is also fine.  For me less is more.

11. Artifacts are another great decorative pieces to add goodwill to your rented space and to decorate your rented house. Buy clay crafts which are easily available in India.  Place them in different areas, even in your terrace garden which will add great value, life and decor to your rented house. You can add colour by painting them to the colour of your choice. Later you can repaint when you move to some other rented space.

12. Painting the walls, which needs some investment. If your landlord is painting the place for you, get it painted as per your choice. Also you may want to get it painted. This depends on your budget and pocket power.  But if you are very particular about the decor of your house and want to live in a decent place, this investment is worth doing for eleven months (the period of rent agreement in India).

13. Wallpaper. You can highlight a wall or two by putting wallpaper. Of course there is cost involved in this, but your rented place will not be same anymore. Your landlord will be also happy for you when you leave the wall paper when you move out.  This also depends on your terms with your landlord, for the period you may be staying in the house and also your pocket power.

These were 13+ points to understand – How to decorate our rented house ? Few easy to do tips.

These are few options which you can use to decorate your rented space. You must be also having many such ideas. Do share them in comments.

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