How to organise shoes ?

How to organise Shoes, this is the topic of this blog article.  Shoes are very important in our lives.  They make you look smart, confident and also protects you from cold, heat and thrones.  So let us try to understand how to organise shoes or how to organise shoes.

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First of all let us calculate approximate number of shoes we have in our homes.  We will list the number of people we have in our homes, they may be like below (may vary from people to people and places to places).  This will make our work easy and help us to understand how to organise shoes.

Father – We presume he will have 4 pair or shoes and slippers.
Mother – We presume she will have 6.
Your – We presume you will have 8.
Spouse – We presume your spouse will have 8.
Brother – He will also have 6 to 8.
Sister – She will also have 6 to 8.
Son- Let say he will have around 4.
Daughter – Let us say she will also have 4.
Say one more member – Add around 5 for him/her.

Now let us add the number of shoes and slippers.

The total number of shoes and slippers in any house here works out to 55.

Now let us take some margin on this, let us presume that any modern house will have minimum of 60 shoes and slippers.

Again we need to do some maths.

Now we have 9 members and each one of them will have 2 pairs each for frequent use. 

This figure comes out to 18.  Again add 2 more to this, our figure of frequent used shoes or slippers is now 20.  So 55 – 20 = 35,  we have 35 more pairs which will not be used so frequently.

Let us have fresh figures off hand, from our above calculations which make our work easy to know how to organise shoes ?

(A)  Frequently used shoes and slippers. (20 Nos)
(B)  Occasionally used shoes and slippers. (35 Nos)

In case the examples we have taken does not match your numbers, please feel free to change them as per your figures.  If the numbers are less, it is a good news and if the numbers are more – you need more.

Now our requirement is to have two different shoe racks.  One for the frequently used shoes and slippers and another for occasionally used ones.

Let us give them some technical names – FS Rack and OS Rack.  FS is Frequently Used and OS is Occasionally Used.

Hope you have got the point of how to organise the shoes.  My be you do not need to read further.

The FS Rack – Frequently used shoes and slippers should be stored or kept near the entrance door.

Have a decent shoe rack near the entrance door to keep and hide the shoes in the rack.  The rack should look nice, should be low height and it must be easy to access, specially for children.  This Shoe Rack, we will call it Door Shoe Rack needs to accommodate minimum 18 to 20 shoes and slippers.  This resolves our topic of how to organise shoes ?

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Now the next shoe rack, “The OS Rack”, which you may have to keep in your balcony, terrace of somewhere in the inner circle of your house or apartment.  The place for this is to be found by you.  The possible places can be as below:

  1. Balcony or terrace.
  2. Foyer
  3. Under the staircase.
  4. Platform of the staircase
  5. Bathroom (if you can manage and arrange)
  6. Bottom cabinet of a cupboard or almirah.

Above are the six places you can put your second shoe rack.  Always plan for two shoe racks in your house.  One shoe rack will not be a good idea.  You will always feel overwhelmed to see shoes and slippers lying here and there in your house.

Of course few slippers and one or two shoes can be placed in open if you are not very particular about this.  Bathroom slippers will be in the bathrooms and if you do not allow shoes in your house you can have some house slippers lying in the open for easy access.

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Along with this it is recommended to plan for keeping helmets if you have two wheelers in your house.  One two wheeler or bike will make 2 helmets.

Hope the idea of having two shoe racks was useful and helpful to you.  Please do leave your comments and inputs in the comment section below.

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