What are the different types of Stairs Options ?

What are the different types of Stairs Options ? This is the topic of discussion of this article.

Let us discuss the different types of Stairs options we have.   Here is a small list of different types of material used in stairs which gives us the answer to our question of what are the different types of Stairs Options.

  1. Stone Stairs –  Granite, Marble, Kota Stone.
  2. Simple Concrete Stairs.
  3. Wooden Stairs.
  4. Glass Stairs.
  5. Ready Made Stairs Tiles.
  6.  MS Iron for outdoors.

Let us try to understand what are the different types of Stairs Options, one by one.

Stone Stairs.

In stones we have few and many options available for using them on stairs.  We can use almost all types of stones in stairs.  Each one of the stone will give a different look to our stairs.  The very commonly used stones in stairs are – Granite, Marble, Kota Stone, Sand Stone etc.

Few Granite Colour Options

Granite is the best option for stairs in heavy traffic areas as granite slabs comes prepolished from the granite processing units.  The stairs made of Granite looks great.  There is no need to polish the granite.  It looks fresh and new, for years.

Stairs gets dirty easily.  Due to high friction walking on stairs, the wear and tear of stair is very high. In high traffic areas Granite is a better option for stairs.  Granite does not take stains and marks. It is a hard stone,  Because of the hardness, wear and tear or aging is quiet low. It looks fresh and new for a much longer period.

Kota Stone

 Kota Stone is also a very good option in stairs with heavy traffic having budget constraints.  There are not much colour options in Kota Stone.  Kota Stone is a Grey Colour stone which can be polished and is quiet rough and rugged.


Marble is the second best option in residential areas or hotels. This is so because the looks of the marble is soft. There are many different options available in marble.  Another advantage of Marble stairs is that Marble is a repolishable stone.  You can repolish the marble stairs.  In residential areas or even premium hotels Marble looks great.  Italian Marble looks even better if can be maintained.


Beautiful Stair Case in Granite – Marble.

For very elegant and premium areas Italian Marble stairs also looks superb.

Kota Stone is the another natural stone which can be used for stairs. This is also a rough and tough stone and needs very less maintenance. Of course, you have to compromise on looks and elegance.

Simple Concrete Stairs.

Concrete is the another options for stairs.  However, these stairs may not look great or good, but are very easy to make and maintain.

Any fixed structure stairs are first made in bricks and mortar.  So initially concrete stairs are made.  They can be finished in concrete and kept as it is.  They are also finished in Terazo (White Cement plus marble or granite chips).  You can give any shape and size to these stairs.

At a later date when you feel like changing the look of these stairs, you can finish the stairs by simply decorating it with Granite, Marble or any other stone, wood or even use any other options which is available and comes to your mind at that time.

Outdoor Wooden Stair Case.

Wooden Stairs.

Wooden Stairs are used mainly in indoors.  The second place where we must have seen wooden stairs are outdoor stairs in hilly areas. As the weather is mostly cold and moist there, wooden stairs are used.  Wood being a natural product tend to decay fast and frequent repairs may be required in outdoors.  But in Indoors, wooden stairs may look elegant and exclusive.  Of course, maintenance will be required to keep them looks elegant.

In many spaces you may find wooden stairs covered with Carpets and Carpet runners.  While climbing or coming down the stairs, the edge of the stair faces the maximum friction.  Due to this, the finish of the wooden stairs gets rubbed off on edges.  It is also seen that in hilly areas the wooden stairs are oil painted to enhance the life of the wood.  Wooden stairs definitely looks elegant always.

Glass Stairs

Glass Stairs.

Glass is no more a fragile product.  With advancement in glass manufacturing technology stairs can now be made in glasses.  Even stronger options have been made with glass – “The Great Sky Walks”.  Glass stairs gives a premium look to your interiors and space.  They will give exclusive look but will need a good amount of maintenance to keep them look beautiful.

Outdoor Iron Structure Stair Case.
Spiral Iron Stair.

Metal – Iron Stairs.

Metal – MS Iron Stairs is another good option for stairs, specially outdoor stairs.  The Metal Stairs are mainly used for faster solution, flexibility and in places where there is space constraint.  The round type metal stairs are the most common.  The round, spiral metal stairs solves your problem of creating stairs when you have very little space.  Iron stairs are reasonable easier to maintain.  They have many different designs available and the Victorian designs looks great when blended with other interior designing aspects.

Tiles Stairs.

Now let us discuss the ready-made tiles stairs. These stairs are factory made using the technology to make vitrified tiles.

The advantages of these stairs..

  • Factory made.
  • Variety of colours can be created.
  • Different designs, grooves on stair nose.
  • Any size of the stairs can be created by joining or cutting different pieces of stairs.
  • Easy to remove and fix new stairs.

The main disadvantage of this product can be:

  • Faster wear and tear.
  • Discoloration.
  • Non availability of the design and color installed after some time.
  • Less in strength.

My personal vote is towards stone stairs.  They look great, last long and are very easy to maintain.

The same advantage of tile stairs is available in Ready-Made Granite and Marble Stairs, with almost no disadvantage. You can buy ready-made stairs in Granite and Marble. You can get multiple design, creativity, exclusiveness of your stairs. There are manufacturers who can provide you ready-made stairs in Granite and Marble.  Please leave your contact details for more information on ready-made Granite and Marble Stairs, we will pass on your details to the manufacturers.

Only issue with this is the small quantity of stairs required in residential projects. Also logistics and personal taste of the individual. If you have large projects, ready-made stone floors are the best solution.

We have covered almost all the possible types of material that can be used in Stairs.  This brings to the end of our question – What are the different types of Stairs Options ?  Interior Decoration and Construction is an ever evaluating field.  New things and options keeps on coming.  If you have more options of material that can be used in stairs, please do leave your comments below.

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What is Bird Spike and Bird Net ?

What is Bird Spike and Bird Net ?

Birds are beautiful.  They look great in any natural habitat.  In modern day living people do not like birds to stay and live in the places they live in.  The main reason why people do not like bird to near their habitat are dirt, bird droppings, feathers  bird spread around the place they live and sound bird make.  People want to find way to keep birds away and out of places they live.  Bird Spikes and bird net comes into place to keep the birds away from places you do not want them to be in.

First of all let us understand Bird Spikes.

Bird spikes are sharp or semi sharp pointed plastic or metal spikes which can be fixed on places where normally birds make their home or place of rest.  They can also be installed in places you do not want the birds to come, stay and make the place dirty with their feathers, droppings, eggs, sounds and noise and so many things birds bring  with them.  Bird spikes are fixed on all the surfaces where normally birds come and stay.  The bird spikes makes it difficult and even impossible for birds to sit on the place where bird spikes are installed.  It is seen that humans mainly do not like birds to stay indoor and make the place dirty with their droppings.

The bird spike must not be very sharp which may kill the bird.  It is recommended to have a blunt point spike which does not enter the body of the bird.  If the spikes are very sharp it may enter the body of the bird and kill it.  This will cause additional problem of

  • killing a life,
  • removing the body of dead birds,
  • droppings of blood due to the sharp object that has stabbed the bird.

Another point is that the material by which the spike is made must be a bit flexible so that it does not break when a big size bird tries to sit on the spike.

Bird spikes are generally screwed on the walls and places where they are installed.  They can also be installed using silicon adhesive, but in this case you may have to install and reinstall the spike whenever it comes off.

Now let us discuss Bird Nets

The reason for using bird nets are also the same as using the bird spikes.  Bird nets are used in places where you cannot install bird spikes or bird spikes are not effective.  Suppose you do not want the birds to enter any particular area, here you have to install the bird net.  The bird nets are available in different colours, but transparent or white birds nets are better as it will not disturb the looks and feel of the place the bird net is installed.  It will not disturb the elevation.  It is normally seen that bird nets are installed in balcony of flats, just under the ceiling – specially under those ceilings where the design allows the birds to make their place of rest.

The problem with bird net is that when birds try to cross the net they may get entangled in the net, they may leave feathers entangled on the net which may look bad.  Also due to weather aging and frequent effort of birds to enter the area the net may get damaged.  It is very important to install the bird nets which are weather aging proof.  Also it is important that the bird net is fixed properly and nicely stretched so that it looks smart and nice.  A loosely installed bird net looks very shabby and untidy and also allows the birds to seat and hang on the net itself.

These two products – bird spike and bird nets are great product where you want to check and control the entry and staying of birds.  They have improved the look and feel of many heritage building.  These products have made the life of a housewife easier as they do not have to clean the balcony too frequently.

Hope you liked reading this blog –  What is Bird Spike and Bird Net ?.  If you have some more inputs to this please do consider leaving your comments.

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What are the different types of flooring options ?

What are the different types of flooring options ?

There are many different types of flooring options which can be used in any house of offices. Most of them are common for homes and commercial space and few are exclusively for commercial spaces. Let us try to understand the different types of flooring options available.

We all love to read in points. So let us write in points.

1. PCC cement floor. This is a simple cement based PCC floor looks like cement plaster.

2. Terazzo or Granite and marble chips mixed in white cement with colour added to it. In this different chips of different coloured stones are mixed in white cement. Some colour is also added to white cement and floor is layed. After this the floor is cut with polishing machine to give it smooth finish.

3. Marble floor. There are many different types of marbles available in the market. India is rich is range and variety of marbles. Makrana has calcium based marbles and other marbles are dolomite. Marble floorings give soft feel and look.  Marble flooring is good for residential, hotels, temples, churches, mosques flooring.  You will feel pleasant to walk and stay in areas installed with marble flooring.

4. Italian Marble Floor. I am keeping Italian Marble separate from rest of marbles because this is a totally different marble which is very soft and also gives a very soft look. Takes polish very nicely and gives any space an elegant and exclusive look.  Italian Marble is even more soft and smooth.  They are not very rough and tough to use unlike other marbles available in India.  Italian Marble flooring gives an elegant and exclusive look to any five star hotel, premium residential space.  This is so because Italian Marble takes polish very nicely and it gives a wonderful sheen and luster to the floor.

5. Granite Floor.  Granite floor is the flooring for any rough and heavy traffic place like hospitals, airports, railway station, colleges, schools.  This is a hard natural stone.  Normally Granite is the only natural stone which is available pre polished when you buy.  Granite is a wonderful stone flooring for any heavy traffic area.  Even more important is that Granite Flooring is the best stone for stairs.

6. Kota stone floor. – This is a grey looking stone available in Kota Region of Rajasthan.  This stone can be polished and looks reasonably nice and decent.  This stone is considered to be economical as well as rough and tough for flooring.  The Kota Stone Flooring can be polished and waxed.

7. Sand stone floor. – Sand stone is also widely found in Rajasthan.  To create a different and elegant look of any space you can opt for Sand Stone Floor.  The Sand Stone is more used in walls and elevations.  Being a very porous stone this stone tend to absorb stains fast and is quite difficult to maintain.  If you can maintain this stone, the flooring may look great.

8. Ceramic Tiles. – The Ceramic Tiles are factory made flooring tiles.  The advantage of this flooring is that they are economical and are very easy to install and maintain.  The tiles are available in unlimited colours, shades and designs.  With the invent of digital printing technology you can find any design and texture on Ceramic Tile or for that matter any Tile.  You can get the tile digitally printed as well from various printing presses who have facility of printing on ceramic tiles.

9. Vitrified Tiles. – Similar to Ceramic Tiles, vitrified tiles are also machine made flooring material.  Vitrified Tiles are tougher than ceramic tiles and can be installed on heavy traffic areas.  There are many different variety of Vitrified Tiles available in the market.  We will take up the different types of Vitrified Tiles in some other blog.

10. Wooden Flooring – In Wooden Flooring many different options are available.  The basic wooden flooring is the Laminate Wooden Flooring.  This flooring is made up of HDF Core board as the major content which gives shape and dimension to the flooring plank.  On this core board the photo of some wooden texture and design is laminated and the laminated photo is protected through various means.  Other than Laminate Wooden Flooring other Wood Floors are Engineered Wooden Flooring and the Real Hard Wood Floor.  Laminate floor being the most convenient and economical floor, engineered wood floor and hard wood floor are premium floor and comes under exclusive option.

11. PVC Vinyl Flooring – PVC means Poly Vinyl Choliride a petroleum bi product.  PVC Flooring or Vinyl Flooring is a type of plastic floor which has multiple advantages and uses.  The economical range is available in very thin thickness  of less than 1.00mm, whereas the premium and heavy duty vinyl floorings are available in thicker options of 2.00 mm and above.  Vinyl Flooring has a very wide range and has got wonderful prints and designs.  Vinyl is used in homes and commercial spaces as well.

Read more about Vinyl Floor, please visit  the blog  What is Vinyl Flooring ?

12. Wall to wall carpet.- To give any place an elegant and soft look you need this flooring called Wall to Wall Carpet.  Ever visited any star hotel’s banquet or meeting halls.  You will find the place floored with Wall to Wall Carpet.  The Wall to Wall Carpet has many options and textures available.  The basic rough use carpet which is used in public functions is called Non Woven Carpet.  Beyond his there are loop pile carpet for rough uses.  The other one is cut pile premium thick carpets.  The latest entrant is the Carpet Tiles.  They are majorly used in Corporate Offices and are very rough and tough to use.  The nylon fiber carpet tiles can be used in heavy traffic areas like Airports as well.  If they can be used in such heavy traffic areas, you can easily use them in your homes and offices.

These are few flooring options which are common and used in homes and commercial establishments.  Other than these there are few others like Epoxy Floor, Cobels, Floor paints etc.

This ends our topic on – What are the different types of flooring options ?

Hope you enjoyed reading the article.  You may also be having few more flooring ideas.  Please do drop your comments in the comment sections.

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What is PVC Vinyl Flooring and its Pros & Cons?

What is PVC Vinyl Flooring and its Pros & Cons ?

PVC Flooring or Vinyl Flooring is a wonderful product for flooring. This flooring product has variety of uses and can be used in almost all places. The only difference is that you have to have the knowledge to understand the use of a particular quality of flooring.  Let us try to understand What is PVC Vinyl Flooring and its Pros & Cons ?

There are many types of Vinyl Flooring available in the market. Thinner the flooring material, cheaper it is. Cheaper it is, less life it has.  Also it will not look very good or impressive.  The above points are for the cheaper variant of Vinyl Flooring.  The reservations about Vinyl Flooring are due to the fact that many people who are not happy with the product have used cheaper variant of this wonderful product.

Generally the thickness available in Vinyl Floor are –

  • 0.50 to 0.75 mm
  • 1.0mm,
  • 1.2 to 1.3 mm,
  • 1.50mm,
  • 2.00mm, 3.00 mm.
  • Other speciality and sports floor are available in 4 mm and above thickness.

For extreme commercial and short term use thickness below 1.00mm is used or recommended.  For a slightly better result or light use residential applications 1.00mm to 1.30mm is good.

To immediately understand what is Vinyl Floor, please recall your recent train journey. The flooring is railway coaches is mostly vinyl. This is so because they are very strong, rough and tough and easy to clean.

Vinyl flooring is available for all types of applications like light use, medium use and even for heavy uses.

The light use vinyl are heterogeneous vinyl with print and design on top layer and the secondary layer is to give the thickness and dimensional stability to flooring product.

The heavy use vinyl which are used in  train coach, hospitals, factories and many such places homogeneous vinyl is preferred. In this type of vinyl flooring material the entire thickness of the floor is of the same material from top to bottom.  In this category also there are different quality and raw material standards.  We will discuss the different raw material of premium quality vinyl in some other article.

Another option available is that vinyl is available in roll or sheet form and tiles form. Tiles are easier to handle and install. Normally designer or residential flooring is available in tiles where as all commercial or heavy duty floors are available in rolls. But this is not the thumb rule.

Vinyl Flooring is looks beautiful wherever they are installed and are easy to clean, easy to install and easy to maintain, this material has many other beautiful feathers in its cap.

Let us try to understand other specialties of Vinyl Floor in different areas of uses:

1. Hospital – Easy to clean and anti skid floors.

2. Hospital – Anti Static or ESD Floors.

3. Industrial – ESD or anti static floor with proper additional ESD or Anti Static treatments.

4. Transport vehicle –  Vinyl Floors for Trains, Buses, Metros etc.

5. Educational Institutions floor- Elegant looks, Easy to Clean, Anti Skid and Protects from Accidental damage.

6. Sports floor – To protect from injury and joint jerks.

7. Hospitals, Operation Theaters, ICUs – Anti Bacterial Floor and Wall Vinyl.

Vinyl, PVC Flooring is a wonderful product which has lots of advantage and benefits. Of course this is a product of petroleum bi product which may have some cons attached to it but the pros or advantages overweight the cons or disadvantages.

The major advantages of Vinyl Flooring are:

  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to remove.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Gives a cushion to the floor.
  • Makes the floor easy to clean.
  • Makes the floor anti skid/anti slip.
  • Makes the floor stain proof.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to repair if Tile form of Vinyl Floor has been used.

What you would want from a flooring.  Vinyl gives you all possible advantage and flexibility for you.

This ends our article on What is PVC Vinyl Flooring and its Pros & Cons ?

Hope this article was of use to read.  If you have some inputs to this please do leave your comments in the comment section.

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Why does wooden flooring makes creaking sound ?

Wooden Flooring when installed sometimes make creaking sound. Why does wooden flooring makes creaking sound?

Why does wooden flooring makes creaking sound ?

This blog is not going to be very long because the reasons for the creaking sound in wooden flooring have very limited reasons.

Let us jot down all of them in points form, which we all love reading.  Following are the reasons Why does wooden flooring makes creaking sound ?

1. Uneven sub floor. –

When wooden flooring is installed on an uneven sub floor, the wooden floor makes the creaking sound. The wooden floor have normally  4ft long wood plank. Now suppose there is a depression or bump on the sub floor. As soon as you step on the area where there is depression on floor the planks will press deeper down. Due to this it makes the creaking sound.

If there is bump, here also, all-around the bump there is depression. When you step near the bump area, the wood floor will make the creaking sound.

Now let us get some butter from this.

How to solve this problem ? Mark and identify the area where the creaking sound comes. Remove the wood floor near and around that place. If there is depression fill the depressed area with POP or white cement. If this cannot be done add some extra underlay foam in that area. But harder material will be better. Try to cover the depression. Reinstall the floor. Done.

Now if you find a bump. Get a grinder and grind the bumpy spot and level the floor as much as possible. Reinstall the floor. Done.

2. Moisture under the wooden floor.

If there is moisture under the wood floor, the wooden floor planks will expand and locks will swell because your wooden floor has absorbed water or moisture. The deformed planks will make creaking noise.


Remove the wood floor. Identify the reason and source of water or moisture. Treat the reason of moisture so that this problem does not repeat. Till that time allow the wood floor planks to dry and regain it’s lost shape (if your flooring is of good quality). Put a polythene sheet on the floor, put the underlay leveling foam on the sub floor and reinstall the floor.

3. Improper installation.

Wooden flooring, be it laminate wooden floor, engineered wooden floor or hard wood floor has a tendency to responding to the temperature and humidity in the climate and air.

Wooden floor expands and contracts when weather changes. The main mistake is that sometimes the installer does not leave gaps all around your floor. Due to this when the floor planks expands and they do not have space to expand, the floor gets deformed and planks of the wooden floor gives bumps and unevenness. This deformed or expanded floor makes the creaking sound.


Remove the floor, create a gap of minimum half inch all around the periphery of the walls and reinstall the floor. Done.

Sometimes the planks may be wrapped or in deformed shape. This is another reason for the creaking sound. Here the product is defective which needs to be changed.

These are the major three reasons why does wooden flooring makes creaking sound ?  Also provided are possible solutions to each of the problem and reasons why does wooden flooring makes creaking sound.  We can say how to solve the problem of wooden flooring making creaking sound.

Hope this article was helpful to you.  If you like the article consider sharing the link of this article with your friends.  If you have some additional inputs to this please do leave in the comment section.

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How to decorate our rented house ? Few easy to do tips.

How to decorate our rented house ? Few easy to do tips.

Many of us live in rented houses, now let us see how to decorate our rented house ? Few easy to do tips.. Generally we may have to vacate our rented house due to our personal reasons or the reasons of the landlord. When we vacate our rented house we may sometimes have to leave few things on which we invested some money on.

This gives a bit unhappy feel to leave the thing you invested on from your hard earned money. Here comes the question of how to decorate our rented house in the best way ? The answer to this is there, but there is no best way.  Everyone may have different ways to do this.  Let us try to find some very easy ways to decorate, some with nominal costs and others with some a bit of more cost involved.  So lets start and discuss – How to decorate our rented house ? Few easy to do tips.

Let us jot it down in a way we all love to read. In points and bullets.

1. Beautiful Door Mat. Try to use a very attractive door mat which gives an impression of something beautiful coming ahead.  The doormat gives the much needed first impression and also keeps the dirt that may enter your house outside and out of sight.

2. Decorate the Main Entrance. Spark up your design buds to make your entrance gate look beautiful. Hang some clay art or some other small wall hangings on the side walls. If you can make a rangoli design on the walls of your main gate it will look great.  For that matter any other design which you are comfortable with or you love will add a lot of value to your entrance.  Wind chime is a known option and looks nice.

3. Use a Creative Name Plate. Your name is the most precious thing in your life. Use your design buds and hang an elegant and exclusive name plate of yours. You can hire an artist to make your caricature with your name plate. It is not that difficult with computer these days.  There are many more options available these days in name plates.  The back lighted name plates can do two jobs at the same time, they can keep your entrance illuminated while displaying your name.  Do not put the house number on the name plate you make as that may get changed when you shift the rented house.

4. Use a designer letterbox. If you are not living in an apartment where letterboxes are in the ground floor, make an exclusive looking letterbox.  Many designer letter boxes are available in the market and many you can create yourself.  You can make the letter box colourful to add life, colour and energy to your entrance.  Even if you do not get many posts these days, letter box looks great.  You do not want to clutter, this can be excluded as well.

Now let us get into the house….. and furthur understand – How to decorate our rented house ? Few easy to do tips.

5. Use different types of lights in different areas. The lights can make ordinary look extraordinary. Use colours, LED strips, Lamps, Wall Lamps to make your house look exclusive.  The table lamps in different designs and shape looks beautiful.  The table lamps can be easily carried along when you decide to change the rented house.  While thinking about decorating our rented house, just examine whether the decorative can be carried along when we decide to move out.

6. Play with Curtains. Curtains are very important in any decor and interiors.  You can add your personal touch with curtains of your choice. You can make curtains from your old or new saree, which can look beautiful. Online stores like Amazon etc have a wide range of ready to hand curtains.  While buying curtains online but curtains which are longer. If they are longer than your windows, do not cut them. Long curtains look better and also will be an advantage to you if you have longer windows in your next rented house.  Curtains are very significant when you decorate your rented house.

7. Decorate the doors inside your rented place. Use your design buds to make your doors look special. This will make your place lively. Anything you put on these doors can be carried with you when you move or can be of very nominal cost.  The ideas can to be to put some motivational posters on the gates, hanging some small pieces of art made by craftsman or anything and everything your creative mind suggests.  Try a few and one other will look superb.  If you want to put some money into it you can paint different doors in different colours.

8. Rugs, Runners and Carpets on the floor. Add few characters on the floor by using rugs, runners, carpets, durries on the floor.  Putting these durries or floor pieces on the floor will make your rented house special.  These small pieces on the floor can decorate your rented house instantly without doing much. All these things will add great life to your rented place.

If you want to invest some money into this  you can install wooden flooring  which can be removed and carried when you move out.  You will be lucky if you are able to reuse them in the new place you go.  Keep few boxes of the wood floor extra with you so that if your next room is bigger you do not fall short of the wooden floor.

9. Use plants to add life and decor to your rented space. Plants add lot of energy and life to any place. You can put few indoor plants inside your rented space. They will enhance the look and feel of your place. You can add flower vases and dry plant vases as well.

9a.  You can design you balcony, terrace or open space using plants.  Put plants of different heights together in a corner of your balcony or any other space, add some light, clay art, artifacts, outdoor chairs and you are done.  You have a terrace garden ready for you.  Now again if you want to invest some money into it, get artificial grass.  Do not paste the artificial grass so that whenever you move out you can carry it with you.

10. Wall hangings are wonderful decor idea everywhere. In rented space they work even better. They will give you personal look and feel, life and energy to your space. Here you can hang art pieces, family photos, artifacts and what not. Just keep in mind not to over do this.  To many wall hangings may give a cluttered look to your place.  Just go by your taste, if you like lots of wall hangings that is also fine.  For me less is more.

11. Artifacts are another great decorative pieces to add goodwill to your rented space and to decorate your rented house. Buy clay crafts which are easily available in India.  Place them in different areas, even in your terrace garden which will add great value, life and decor to your rented house. You can add colour by painting them to the colour of your choice. Later you can repaint when you move to some other rented space.

12. Painting the walls, which needs some investment. If your landlord is painting the place for you, get it painted as per your choice. Also you may want to get it painted. This depends on your budget and pocket power.  But if you are very particular about the decor of your house and want to live in a decent place, this investment is worth doing for eleven months (the period of rent agreement in India).

13. Wallpaper. You can highlight a wall or two by putting wallpaper. Of course there is cost involved in this, but your rented place will not be same anymore. Your landlord will be also happy for you when you leave the wall paper when you move out.  This also depends on your terms with your landlord, for the period you may be staying in the house and also your pocket power.

These were 13+ points to understand – How to decorate our rented house ? Few easy to do tips.

These are few options which you can use to decorate your rented space. You must be also having many such ideas. Do share them in comments.

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What is the preferred window covering Curtains or Blinds ?

What is the preferred window covering Curtains or Blinds, and why ?

Window covering is the most important element in any and every interiors.  The question is – What is the preferred window covering Curtains or Blinds, and why ? Even when you want to keep your windows open to outdoors.  You have to put some element to the window.

Before we start let us be clear that there is as such no preferred window covering. The only thing is new and more options that are available to cover your windows.  Mainly there are two options to cover your window and one more bonus option.  We will understand – What is the preferred window covering Curtains or Blinds, and why ?

The two main options are:

1. Curtains.

2. Blinds.

and the bonus one is

2 a . Glass Film or Sun Control Film. Let us not discuss about this in this blog.

Now let us discuss the word preferred. What is the preferred window covering Curtains or Blinds, and why ? As such we can say what is preferred and what is not among above two (three).  Curtains and Window Blinds both are good in different locations.  In other words, curtains are great in many places, locations and properties, whereas in some other places and areas window blinds looks better. As such there is no rule and there is no need for one.

Traditionally, Curtains were used in homes and blinds in offices. In residences curtains look great whereas blind look great in offices. But this concept is no more valid these days. Curtains however still remains in homes and hospitality or hotels window covering, but blinds have entered to homes and hotels as well.  Blinds are now being used along with curtains in many places.  Curtains being the main window covering and blinds complementing the usability and enhancing the grace and decor of the space.

Curtains are more of traditional and you can not add much to curtains.  Only difference that can be created is by stitching the curtain folds in different formats, adding different types of fabrics together and also adding some falls, flows and waves to a curtain installed window.

On the other hand Window Blinds have a very wide range, options and designs.  Window have a very different and contrast characters in them.  The function ability of window blinds are unmatched.  It is very easy to control light and privacy in window blinds.  Let me give you the names of different types of blinds available in the market.

1. Venetian Blinds.

2. Vertical Blinds.

3. Roller Blinds.

4. Roman Blinds.

5. Zebra Blinds.

6. Triple Shade Blinds.

7. Eton or Vertical Fall Zebra type Blinds.

8. Pleated Blinds.

9. Bamboo Chick Blinds.

10. Wooden Venetian Blinds.

I think I have covered all of them.

Curtains have very few options. Only change we can make is the curtain stitching style, plates and mix and match combinations. You need a curtain rod to hang the curtain.  The blinds have different types of top channel to house all the controls and usability of the blind.  The top channel than can be covered with a valance or cassette.  You can play and change the type of curtain rod you want to use and make your decor different. Another change you can create by using very thin or net type fabric to medium to very heavy fabric. Also, we can hang the curtains from the ceiling to floor to give large window look. The fall of the curtains definitely gives a very elegant and cozy look to any place.

To make your home or hotel look heavy, premium and a very traditional or royal look you need curtains.  On the other hand if you want it to look modern and smart you need blinds.

But, in their own required spaces both are equally good.  So we can say there is nothing like What is the preferred window covering Curtains or Blinds, and why ?

So we can reply straight for the question – What is the preferred window cover ?  The answer is – both are equally wonderful depending upon the look and feel you want.  The place you want to use the window covering and your personal taste.

Please do leave your inputs in the comments sections.

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What is WPC Board? Product explained fully.

WPC Board is the latest enterant in the field of boards for furniture industry and other uses.  As this is very new type of board, many people asks, what is WPC Board ?  The simple answer to the question of what is WPC Board, lies in the question itself.  The full form of WPC Board is Wood Polymer Composite Board.  In the family of ply board, block board, particle board, mdf board or hdf board, WPC board is the latest board.  It is not that new but is the latest enterant.

Initially when WPC Board entered the market there were many issues with the board.  The board performance had complaint of not being able to hold the nails firmly and even chipping off.

The WPC Board is manufactured using wood particles, polymer (Plastic) and various resins and bonding agents.  All these items are mixed and bonded together to make a board.  The WPC Board is available in differrent thicknesses of 6 mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 18mm, 20mm upto 25mm or even higher.  18mm thickness is the best thickness for being used in furniture industry.

With gradual improvement in the item the product has reached almost the stage of perfection.  Now there are different levels and grades of WPC Boards available in the market.  Instead of asking the question “What is WPC Board?” , the new question is what are the different types of WPC Boards.

Different Grades and types of WPC Boards: 

The low density WPC Board.

The medium density WPC Board.

The high density WPC Board.

Just to explain density in simple language for the readers who may not be familiar with this word, let us understand what is density and how to understand the density.  Density is the denseness of the core material used in the particular product.  Suppose you have three different  pieces of 6 inch x 6 inch x 18mm board of all the three densities explained above.

The High Density Piece  =  Heaviest

The Mid Density Piece = Mid Weight

The Low Density Piece = Lightest

This means that the raw material of the product is compressed to the maximum in heavy density board and least in the low density board.  Furthur, to explain again

Heavy Density WPC Board (Size 6″ x 6″ x  Thickness 18 mm)    = will need     = 300 grams of raw material.

Medium Density WPC Board (Size 6″ x 6″ x  Thickness 18 mm)    = will need     = 200 grams of raw material

Low Density WPC Board (Size 6″ x 6″ x  Thickness 18 mm)    = will need     = 100 grams of raw material

Now let us understand the uses of these different types of boards from high density to low density.

High Density WPC Board is the perfect WPC Board for being used in Furniture.  This board is very strong and tough.  The board holds the nails and screws with equal strength of marine ply of any other good quality wood.  The screws and nails can be redone with slight shift of location and the performance is equally good in comparison to any reasonably good quality ply.  We can use these boards for Modular Kitchen Partitions, Drawer Covers etc.

Medium Density WPC Board can be used in lighter use that standard furniture like Back cover of an almirah, small low intensity boxes, dry wall partitions, artifacts, false ceiling, wall paneling etc.

Low Density WPC Board can be used in even lighter uses like some decorative pieces like creating a laser cut design behind a glass wall or door of cupboard.  False Ceiling, decorative wall paneling, light duty dry wall partition etc.

Other advantages of WPC Boards are – Water Proof,  Termite Proof,  Fungus Proof,  Borer Proof, fire resistant (will not support fire to expand).  Due to all these advantages, this board can be used in moist areas like bathrooms, kitchens and even outdoor furniture.  If you want to place a shoe rack in outdoors, this board is the perfect match for this type of product.

Hope you must have found something of use in this article.  Incase you have any additional input please leave your comment below.

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Bathroom Accident – Six Tips to prevent specially for elderly.

Bathroom is the basic necessity of anyone all around the world.  The bathroom becomes even more important when you have elderly person in your family.  It is very dangerous when an elderly person, and for that matter anyone falls in bathrooms and has some serious injury.  But the injury or the damage is more risky and dangerous when this happens in old age.  The bathroom accident is really very dangerous and one can get hurt seriously and generally the fractures due to bathroom accident are in hips area which becomes really very very difficult to repair.

You must design or redesign your bathroom and they must be bathroom accident safe and elderly person friendly.

Here are six main tips to make the bathroom accident safe and even more importantly elderly person friendly.

If you understand “Hindi Language” you can watch My Video on YouTube by clicking the link here on this subject.

1.Separate Bathing area and WC & Wash Basin Area.

It is normal in Western Countries but in some regions we have bathroom having bathing area and other areas merged together.  The first thing we must do is to have separate areas for bathing activity and separate area for non bathing activity.  This you can divide by having a glass partition or by any other way.  Incase, you do not want to immediately invest in the glass partition and the gate, you can hand a full length bathroom curtain.  By full length I mean to say that the bathroom curtain should touch the floor of the bathing area so that minimum water flows towards WC and Washbasin area.

Also keep the water wiper  handy in your bathroom so that anyone using the bathroom wipes the spilled water from the floor.  The spilled water on the floor is the most dangerous thing in any bathroom.  Spilled water accounts for most of the bathroom accidents all over the world.

2. Install sufficient handle bars/grab bars in your bathroom.

Bathroom accidents happens inside the bathroom when the person is alone in the bathroom and when he falls on the bathroom floor.  Normally it has been seen that the bathroom walls do not have any holding bars.  Whenever the person using the bathroom looses his or her balance, the accident can be avoided when he/she has something to hold and regain the balance.  Unfortunately, there are no bars or no sufficient handle bars in the bathroom all over the world.

Main areas you must have the handle bars:

a)  One very near to the door or the entrance of the bathroom. – So that incase the floor is wet or slippery and you or the senior member of your family enter the bathroom from a dry floor on a wet floor and you loose your grip, there is something you can hold to protect yourself from falling.

b)  One near the Wash Basin. –  Imagine you just finished using the wash basin.  While turning around you or the elderly member loose  balance.  One must have something to get hold of.

c)  One near or around the WC. –  After using the WC when trying to stand up, the elderly person due to weakness may not stand up firmly.  He/She may need something to hold and maintain the balance.

d)  Few in the bathing area.  – The bathing areas are normally wet.  After or during the bath the water is mixed with soapy water which becomes even more slippery.  You mush have some handle bars around in the bathing area.

Handle Bars

3.  Install the “Wall Mounted Folding Seats” in bathing area.

The elderly person are generally weak in legs and various reflexes in case of sudden emergency.  They may not be able to hold themselves and take the shower or the bath.  In such cases the wall mounted folding seats becomes very handy and useful.  They can just drop down the folding seat and take a decent bath.  The same bathing area can be used by other members of the family by just folding the seat and use the area as he feels like.  For a change can enjoy the bath seating on the folding seat as well.

4.  Sufficient Light and convenient Light Switches.

However, this is very less in present days.  But in older times bathrooms were not properly lit.  It is very important that the bathrooms are nicely lit with sufficient lights.  You will feel nice using bathrooms with proper lights and in bonus they will prevent bathroom accidents for elderly members or anyone else.  So, ensure that the bathroom has sufficient and proper lights.

Secondly or firstly the electrical switch must be extremely convenient to use, preferably outside the bathroom so that the lights can be switched on before entering the bathroom.

The eye vision or eye sight of the elderly people is weak.  Imagine that in emergency they enter the bathroom without their spectacles and above that the bathroom is poorly lit.  This situation becomes very dangerous even when you have a dry floor and everything else is perfect.  The risk increases when floor is wet and few things are left here and there on the floor.

5. Anti Skid Floor in the bathroom.

It is always good to have an anti skid floor in your bathroom.  Above that you must put anti skid mat on the bathroom floor if you have elderly member using the bathroom.  This is a very useful investment specially when you have some one old in your family.

6. Increase the height of WC/Commode using WC seat increasing enhancement.

The senior member of your family who is old and weak in legs, or has some knee ailment may find it difficult to get from the WC.  It is strongly recommended to have a WC seat height enhancement seat attachment.  You can place this seat on your existing WC without disturbing the bathroom.  The tool can be used by the elderly person only and other members of the family can use the WC as usual.

These are few basic changes you can make to your existing bathroom and avoid or prevent the bathroom accident specially when you have elderly senior members in the family.  Surely you must be having few tips and ideas on this.  Kindly be generous to leave your ideas and tips in the comments below which can be useful to other members as well.




How to protect Wooden Flooring from Water – Top 9 tips

Wooden Flooring gets damaged when they come in contact with water.  You have to be extra careful in protecting your wooden flooring from water.  Also if you Wooden Flooring gets in contact of water or lots of water there is emergency tips on what to do if water gets logged in on your wooden flooring.
Monsoons are not friendly with Wooden Flooring. Be it the low maintenance Laminate Floor or the costly Engineered Wood or even the real hard wood.

All these wooden floorings – Laminate, Engineered or Hardwood may get damaged in monsoon if proper care is not taken.
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Here are few tips to protect your wood floor in the monsoons or how to protect wooden flooring from water.  For protecting your wooden flooring from water, keep the following 9 points on your tips.

1. Always have at least two door mats at the entrance of the room where wooden floor is installed.  This will help you in protecting your wooden flooring from water.

2. When it is raining please make sure that all the windows are closed.  This will again protect your wooden flooring from absorbing water from the environment.

3. Check all water drainage pipes and holes to be clear. Specially those which are near the room where wooden flooring has been installed. If the holes and pipes are chocked the entire water may enter the room causing serious damage to the floor.  If you keep away water from your wooden flooring it is automatically protected.

4. While entering the room please clean your shoes thoroughly. Make sure they are fully dry. Better will be if you leave the wet shoes and use separate shoes/sleepers for indoors.

5. Do not put the door mat on the wooden floor; they should not be on the wooden floor, especially in monsoon. The moisture may get trapped between the mat and the floor which may cause damage to the floor.

6. Regularly check the door mat. It should not be wet. A wet mat instead of protecting the floor will be more harmful for the wooden floor.

7. If you are in heavy rain area, you can put some silicon paste under the wood floor at the entrance. This will work as an effective barrier for water to enter under the floor. This should be done professionally.
If you do not have professional help available you van buy a silicon tube, inject silicon on edges, let it dry and then scrap off excess dried silicon with the help of a blade.

8. Unfortunately if water enters the room. Follow following steps:
a) First identify the area from where the water is entering. Stop the water from entering the room.b) Now take a water absorbing cloth and soak the water from the floor. Collect the soaked water in a bucket or anything convenient to you.c) Keep soaking the water from the floor, collecting and disposing away.

d) Be gentle while removing the water. Do not rub the cloth harshly; this may cause damage to the floor. You can use wet and dry vacuum cleaner also to remove water.

e) Switch on the fan and let the floor dry. If you have AC with dehumidifier it will also help. Open the windows (if it is not raining) and let the floor dry.

Our effort should be to remove as much moisture as possible.

If you have some better option for removing the moisture, please do try that also and also let us know.

9. In case the water gets logged into the room for long, please follow the steps in point no. 8 and take professional help. If you have a good quality laminate floor the flooring contractor/installer will recommend you to remove the floor, dry it fully in indoor (do not put the floor in sunlight) and reinstall using some additional flooring material.
Hope this was of help to you. Do like and comment.