How to redecorate your bedroom

How to redecorate your bedroom ? This is the topic of the blog.  You have a bedroom which now you want to redecorate.  By redecorate we mean two things.

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1. First, you want a total makeover of your room.  You want your room to look totally different that what it looks today.  Here you want some major works to be done and you want to redecorate your bedroom.

2. Second one is that you like your room as it is.  The features and and facilities you have in your room are nice and sufficient.  But you want your room to look different than it looks now, this means you want to redecorate your bedroom.

For the first option it is recommended to hire an Architect or at least an Interior Designer.  Sit with him or her and discuss what all things you want to have in your room.  What are the major changes you want to be done in your room.  Architect or Interior Designers will guide you through the process of having all those things in your room and they will make your room look new and attractive as well.

For the second option, this article will be of help to you.

Let us try to understand what are the things that are in a bed room.  Let us jot them down in a list format:

  1. Ceiling.
  2. Walls.
  3. Windows.
  4. Flooring.
  5. Bed.
  6. Mattress.
  7. Cupboard.
  8. Curtains.
  9. Doors.
  10. Attached Bathroom.
  11. Lights.
  12. Air Conditioner.
  13. Ceiling Fan or Fan.

Above are the thirteen things that are there in any bed rooms.  Now if your bedroom is bigger, you may have few more things like:

  1. (14)  Study Table.
  2. (15)  Seating Space.

Now you want to redecorate your bedroom.  So take my inputs on each item what you should do, so that you bedroom looks fresh and elegant for you.  Anything that you do not want to change may be ignored.

  1. Ceiling –  This part of your bed room is responsible for adding following components, facility and features in your room.
    (a)  Will reflect the light all over the room or hold the lights if you are opting for ceiling mounted lights.
    (b)  Hold the Ceiling Fan in your room which is very important.
    (c)  Make your room hot in summers if you do not have construction over it.
    So keep the ceiling white always and preferably.  White ceiling is the safe choice and it looks great and is always an added component in any room or interiors (unless required by design and decor).
    Always opt for the latest or new ceiling fan as technology keeps on changing and new fans are more efficient and also adds a fresh feel and look to any room.  Even if you use Air Conditioners, you may like to use ceiling fan when you do not want to use the AC.
    If you have hot summers and you do not have anything above your bedroom you can plan for false ceiling in your rooms.  This all for ceiling to redecorate your bedroom.
  2. Walls – They are the actual friends of your room and ofcourse your friend as well.  You have option of painting the wall, wall papering and wall panelling.  Painting takes lot of time and makes lot of dirt and dust in your home, but is economical in comarision to Wall Paper and Wall Panel.  Wall paper adds lot of energy and life to your room and is fast and easy to install.  Wall Panel on the other hand adds lots of value and richness to your room but again is time consuming, costly affair and may create lot of dust and dirt if your are opting for wooden wall panelling.
    You can choose anything from the above.  My suggestion here is to mix wall paper and paint.  One wall wallpaper and other three or remaining walls paint.  To make the work more easier, highlight one wall with designer wall paper and other three walls plain or textured printed wall paper.  This is what is required to redecorate your bedroom.
  3. Windows – Windows are the accessories of your room.  Always treat them like the accessory or jewellery of the room.  Give special focus and time in choosing the window covering.  This depends on your personal taste, privacy factor, location of your room.  You have three options here.  Go for simple curtains, next is curtains plus sheer curtain and last but not least window blinds.  There are many options in blinds again.  You can choose as per your taste and requirement.  Do not forget to put black out lining in the back of the curtain if you are opting for curtains.  This lining will protect your curtain from fading and also give a beautiful fall and weight to your curtain.
    Now the actual window should be decent and nice.  If your windows are very old (really looking old), redo them or have a new window altogether.  If you live in crowded places where outdoor noise an issue, go for double glass UPVC or factory made Aluminium Window (not the site fabricated ones).
    Doing this with your windows will help you to redecorate your bedroom.
  4. Flooring – This is the thing which your body will feel whenever you enter your room and also you will feel the floor when you leave your bed in the morning.  My personal favorite is Wooden Flooring.  I will suggest you to have wooden flooring in your bedroom.  Other options you have for your bed room are Wall to Wall Carpets and Premium Vinyl Flooring.  Wall to Wall Carpets are great if you live in a house which has less of dust.
    Vinyl Floorings have lots of options, that is why I am specifically mentioning here to use premium vinyl flooring.  They look great and last for life.
    Flooring is a must to redecorate your bedroom.
  5. Bed –  The name of the room is due to this wonderful thing “The Bed”.  That is why it is called bedroom.  Bed must be such that you like it.  Do not forget to add a decent and attractive headboard.  Headboard means the wall on which your head rests when you sit on you bed.  The headboard of your bed can add lot of beauty and style to your bedroom.  There are many options in headboard.  You can quilt and design your headboard using fabric, rexine (leatherite), leather.  Also available are PU Molded Tiles which can be used on your headboard.
    Try accommodating side tables beside your bed.  If not possible to have two you must atleast have one side table beside your bed.  This item will be of great use to you for life.
    Now you know what to do with bed to redecorate your bedroom.
  6. Mattress – What is the use of Bed without a mattress on it.  Always invest on your mattress.  Buy a good decent mattress which should look great and should be comfortable to you.  Do not ignore this wonderful thing.  This should be your most important component in the bedroom.  You can just ignore all other things if you have a great mattress.
    Along with this other important things and companions of mattress are pillows, extra pillows, pillow covers, bed sheets and bed covers.  Do invest on these items they will make your bedroom look like a star hotel room.
    Mattresses can by themselves redecorate your bedroom.
  7. Cupboard – Cupboards are must have in any bed room.  In a life you need many things.  You should plan your cupboards accordingly.  Before this please note that we are talking about bedrooms and not cupboard rooms.  Many a times people convert their bed room into cupboard rooms.  Only have cupboards in bed room if you have space for them and they will not eat away your bedroom.  The above lines suffice my point on cupboards.  This is what I have to say regarding cupboards when you redecorate your bedroom.
  8. Curtains – This item has already been discussed in window segment.  Do not take curtains or blinds lightly.  They add a lot of character and value to your room.
  9. Doors – should look smart from outside and inside as well.  You must feel nice to see your doors from outside the room as well as inside the room.  Spend some time to make them nice, strong, attractive and functional.
    They must be closed fully when you close.  When you want your private time in your room they should not have gaps and holes in them.  Doors can play an important role when you redecorate your bedroom.
  10. Attached Bathroom –  This is a must in modern day living.  We will discuss this area in another article.  But for immediate response let us put some important points here.
    The bathing area should not be immediately near the door of your attached bathroom.  You must have a glass cubical for bathing.
    The attached bathroom floor must be at least 4 inches down from your room floor, so that water do not flow in the room.
    The attached bathroom should be clean and dry, so keep proper drainage.
    You must have proper exauste in the bathroom to throw away the foul smell of the bathroom.
    Floor of the attached bathroom should not be slippery.  Attached bathrooms are very important when you redecorate your bedroom.
  11. Lights–  The bedroom should have sufficient and proper light.  The bedroom must have sufficient light.  You can have decorative lights and lamps as per your choice and taste.  But minimum things you need are sufficient illuminating main light and another  is the night lamp which you can use at night without disturbing you bed mate.  Lights can make and break any interior decorations.  So always be very particular and give importance to lights when you redecorate your bedroom.
  12. Air Conditioner –  are a must in modern living.  They will give you a peaceful sleep in summers.  Here I would like to specially mention that you opt for Split Air Conditioner (Split AC).  Split AC does not make noise inside the room, they are more efficient in cooling.  They look good in any room.  Here I would like to specially mention that you should plan to have voltage stabiliser installed in some hidden space so they do not spoil the beauty and elegance of your room, do think about them.
  13. Ceiling Fan or Fan –  This point has already been discussed in our Ceiling Section.

Above are the thirteen things that are there in any bed rooms.  Now if your bedroom is bigger, you may have few more things like:

  1. (14)  Study Table – If you have this wonderful thing in your bedroom, do plan to have this item having a minimum width of 4 ft and a cupboard and a drawer to store and hide the things which you use while using the study table.  Also plan some extra storage (not necessary) above the table to keep your books and additional things.  Preferably the study table of the bed room must be wall facing.  You should have a dedicated light for the study table which should not be very bright.  This is so that you do not disturb your roommate if you have to use the table in nights or other persons sleeping time.
  2. (15)  Seating Space or Chairs or Recliners – They are great if you have space in your room.  Do not overburden you bed room with these things if you have less space for all these things.  Its your bedroom, so let it be.I have not mentioned TV in this article.  TVs are not meant to be in bedrooms, keep them away and outside your bedroom.  I am sure you will renovate your bed room wonderfully after reading this blog.  Do share your renovated room pictures with me on my email see videos on such topics in hindi do visit my Youtube Channel InteriorDost.Your comments are welcome.  Please do leave your comments in the comment section.  Thanks for reading.[amazon_link asins=’B01MA1JLOM,B077XC36BH’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’interiorfriend-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’e39886b1-dac0-11e8-8e8f-add543a5e2c1′]



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