What is a Stretch Ceiling ?

What is a Stretch Ceiling.

In this article we will be talking about Stretch Ceilings in other words we can call them nylon, pvc or polymer fabric stretch ceiling.

Use of Stretch Ceiling. What exactly does a Stretch Ceiling do.

Stretch Ceiling is a soft false ceiling. This product can be classified in the category of False Ceiling. False Ceilings are installed to create a secondary ceiling to decorate the ceiling, hide the services and lines running through the ceiling, to create an acoustic atmosphere of the area, to reduce the height of the space which in turn can enhance air conditioning and cooling or heating of the space.

Stretch Ceilings majorly are used for decorative purpose. The other uses of stretch ceiling are to provide diffused light from the ceiling. Also, can enhance acoustics of the room to certain extent. The stretch ceiling can give you a designer look, feeling of exclusivity and open roof type of feeling.

How is Stretch Ceiling Installed

Stretch Ceilings are ceiling of a stretchable fabrics. The selected design or print is printed on the fabric with the help of digital printer. After the printing process the fabric is cut, stitched and prepared as per the size and shape of the order or customer’s requirement. The completed fabric is shipped to the vendor who will be installing the ceiling.

The stretch ceiling is installed with the help of perimeter tracks which are mounted on all the four walls of the space where the stretch ceiling is to mounted. After screwing the track on the walls or sections provided, the fabric of the stretch ceiling is tugged inside the grippers of the track. The track then holds the fabric firmly. The fabric is tugged to the track with great finish and workmanship. The fabric is stretched and wrinkles if any on the fabric are removed with the help of heating blowers. The heating blowers also helps in stretching the fabric and tugging the fabric all around the installed tracks.

Before installing the stretch ceiling, it is necessary to install the light modules. Extreme care must be taken while installing the light modules. The quality of the module need to be of very good quality, so that there is no problem in the prerformace of the light. Any defect or repair in light fitting if required will be cumbersome work. The entire stretch ceiling will have to be removed to repair the light. This in turn can damage the fabric of stretch ceiling, channels and also the fine finish of the light module.

Advantages of Stretch Ceiling

Now let us try to understand advantages of Stretch Ceiling. How having a stretch ceiling in your premises will make you feel good.

  1. Gives a designer look to your ceiling. Anything you print of the fabric of the stretch ceiling will give your space a very beautiful and personalized look.
  2. The light module installed behind the stretch ceiling can illuminate or provide light to a wider area.
  3. The stretch ceiling can give a your ceiling a seamless look in the area where the stretch ceiling is installed.
  4. Any shape or design can be created using the stretch ceiling. Different and exclusive looks and design can create even more exclusivity, unique and personalized look to the space.
  5. Any color, design, picture can be created on the fabric of the stretch ceiling. You can even have a plain, without any print look in ceiling.
  6. Most of the stretches ceiling fabrics are washable. Hence can be cleaned with the help of water and mild cleaning agent.

These are few of the advantages of Stretch Ceiling. If you have some more advantages points for stretch ceiling. Please do leave your comments below.

Disadvantages of Stretch Ceiling.

Any product or service always has advantages and disadvantages. After understanding the advantages let us talk about the disadvantages now.

  1. The quality of fabric is very important. Inferior fabrics can sag after sometime giving a very shabby look.
  2. The cost of the stretch ceiling is too high in comparison to any other type of false ceiling.
  3. In the case of fabric getting damaged or punctured, entire fabric is required to be replaced. The stretch fabric cannot be repaired.
  4. Lot of expertise is required to take the measurement and install the stretch ceiling. Any mistake in taking the measurements may require you to get totally new set of fabric.
  5. Even a very mild mishandling of impact can damage the ceiling. Extreme care need to be taken while moving things near and around the stretch ceiling.
  6. A small mark or spot on the ceiling can damage the look and feel of the stretch ceiling as it may illuminate due to back light.

Precautions and preparations before going ahead with Stretch Ceiling.

Stretch Ceiling is a beautiful product. It will enhance the beauty and looks of your space. Before going ahead with your decision of getting the Stretch Ceiling installed in your place we need to take following precautions for a long and trouble free use of Stretch Ceiling.

  1. You need a very strong and firm support in all the sides of stretch ceiling. Even a small loose point can create lot of problem. The weak support structure can loosen the stretch of your stretch ceiling. So ensure that all the walls or falls created by you to install the stretch ceiling are very firm and strong. Ensure that they will not move in due course.
  2. The lights and light modules which are to be installed under the stretch ceiling must be of very good quality standards. Provide it will all protection against physical of technical damage. Ensure that lights do not fuse due to voltage fluctuations or any other technical glitch.
  3. Ensure that the ceiling area under which you will be installing the stretch ceiling has been finished very nicely. No dirt or particles should fall on the fabric of the stretch ceiling, after the fabric has been installed.
  4. Be double sure about any seepage or moisture in the area. This can create fungus and also damage the light structure and fabric of the stretch ceiling.
  5. Please check that the fabric holding tracks has been installed nicely and firmly. There are no loose spots.

If you have experienced any problem after installing the stretch ceiling, please leave your issues so that the community can take care and avoid the problem as well.

Maintenance and using.

Now that, we have already installed the Stretch Ceiling. Let us discuss on how to use the stretch ceiling and how to actually take care and maintain the Stretch Ceiling.

  1. Do not unnecessarily touch and put pressure on the stretch ceiling.
  2. Ensue that the fabric of the ceiling never gets damaged. Keep the ceiling away from any impact or sharp objects. A small puncture on the fabric can damage your stretch ceiling fully.
  3. Always do cleaning only when it is very necessary.
  4. Clean with a very clean cloth or sponge. Avoid using any harsh chemicals or cleaning agents. The chemical may react with the fabric and also damage the print on the fabric. Also the cleaning agent may loosen the fabric.
  5. Do not touch the stretch ceiling fabric unnecessarily. This can create finger marks on the fabric or your dirty hands can create permanent marks on them.
  6. Avoid cleaning the entire stretch ceiling. In the case when it is very necessary do spot cleaning only as per manufacturer’s guidelines of cleaning.

These are some very honest review and update on Stretch Ceiling. We welcome all of you to leave your comments and additional inputs so that the readers can benefit as a community.

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