Wallpaper Vs Paint

We all have to finish our walls. They must look good and attractive. We have few options to cover our walls and they are painting the walls, wall paper on the walls and wall paneling to name the most common ones. . Among the three painting and wall paper are common ones these days. Now let us discuss these two as Wallpaper Vs Paint.

We will compare both of them on few important parameters. So here we go and see the competition of Wallpaper Vs Paint.

Preparation before painting and wallpaper.

For installing wallpaper you have to create a smooth, firm and dry wall which should not absorb much adhesive. The wall is to be primer painted and have fine finish. The wall is now non porous.

Almost same is the case with paint. To have a fine finish you need to have a smooth, firm wall which must be finished with primer. But if you decide you can paint on a rough wall also. This is not the case with wallpaper. You have to have a very smooth and fine wall to paste the wall paper.

Wallpaper vs Paint and both are on the same level on this point. Paint having a bit of edge that it will accept any type of walls if you are not concerned about the outcome and finish.

Places where we can apply.

Wallpaper – is applied in the indoors only. The wall as already mentioned above must be smooth, firm and fine to get best results. You also cannot install wallpapers on humid areas, wallpaper will also not last on walls with seepage and moisture.

Paint on the other hand is painted indoors and outdoors as well. There are paints which are painted on humid walls also. However, on walls with seepage, paint will gets damaged. But we have some options to cover up the seepage for some time.

Wallpaper vs Paint and paint has the edge that you can apply paint anywhere you want, outdoors or indoors.

Durability and Life.

Wall paper if installed properly on a smooth, firm and dry wall can last for many years, almost around 5 to 10 years, i suppose. Yes there will be some aging effect on the paper. Some plastic coated and layered wallpapers are very easy to maintain. You can even clean them with wet sponge. Here it is important to write that you have to read the manufacturers guidance and marking on this. This is so because you there and different types of wall papers available in the market. The very high end wallpapers sometimes cannot be cleaned with water and sponge without taking proper precautions. But most of the wallpapers can be cleaned using water. Of course, you can vacuum clean and brush off the dust from the wall paper.

Paint in this case has some advantage over wallpaper. Not all but most of the paint can last for longer time. Here also it is important to clarify, that we are considering the paint which come around the same price range or investment that are near to the cost of wallpaper. The paint as per Indian Costing standards that cost around Rs. 40.00 per sq.ft. (USD 0.60 per sq.ft. approx) on wards can last for around more than 8 years in Indian conditions.

One conditions here is same for Wallpaper and Paint is that both will not last on walls with seepage and moisture coming in from the back and the walls. Wallpapers will peel off and may not be repairable due to deformation of the paper due to water and paint layer will come off the walls having moisture.

Wallpaper vs Paint, here if the competition is in the same or similar price bracket both are at par. Wallpaper vs Paint, here both may loose if it is Wallpaper vs paint vs seepage, seepage can cause permanent damage to both wallpaper and paint.

Variety and Options

Here wallpaper is a clear cut winner. There any unlimited designs, quality, texture, finish, material in wallpaper. To name a few different quality of wallpapers are:

  • Standard PU/PVC Coated Wall paper.
  • Non Woven base wallpaper.
  • Paintable wallpaper. (Which is painted, and also used without painting even.
  • Vinyl Wall paper.
  • Liquid Wallpaper.
  • 3D Wallpaper.
  • Customised Wall Paper. This paper is printed on various media like Vinyl, Nonwoven and Paper even.
  • Textile Wallpaper.
  • Glass Fiber Wallpaper. etc.

You can have any and every type of look and feel on wallpaper. It can be smooth with lot of sheen and shine, it can have mat or rough finish. You can even have the look and feel of real wood or wood bark or for that matter stone or anything else. Almost any look and feel is recreated.

Paint industry has also evaluated, but has its own limitations. This is why large paint industries have launched and started wallpapers alongwith paint. Asian Paints, India’s largest paint manufacturer has also launched its Wall Paper range and is selling them through their paint dealers and other channels.

There are few paint options available like:

  1. Standard Distemper or Emulsion Paint.
  2. High Sheen and shine paint.
  3. Textured Paint.
  4. Design over plain paint look.

These are few basic painting options which covers almost all type of paint look and feel.

Wallpaper vs Paint, here the Wallpaper has clear walkover and is a winner over paint. The options in variety is considered.

Time and Convenience.

Initially the above heading was Time and Money Required. But I divided the heading into two and changed ti to Time required and convenience in doing.

This heading is clearly in favor of Wallpaper when we keep the common point that the wall with smooth finish, firmness and dryness, wallpaper has edge.

Installing wallpaper is less time consuming and much more convenient. Wallpaper can be installed without disturbing your normal working, without creating any dust and garbage. You do not have to remove your furniture, fixture, textile, upholstry or anything else. Following steps are used when installing the wallpaper :

  • The installer comes in with the required paper.
  • Inspects the wall and does minor repair of the wall.
  • Uses the adhesive and starts pasting the wallpaper. Moves your furniture and fixtures here and there to get some space to do the work.
  • Finishes the work of pasting the wallpaper.
  • Cleans the mess of wallpaper cuttings.
  • Cleans the adhesive that may have fallen on the floor.
  • Gives you the room finished in new look.
  • That it…. you now enjoy the new interior, look and feel.

Paint on the other hand takes more time and is a bit inconvenient for the owner of the space, if done while using the space. Let us jot down the steps in doing the paint :

  • Painting team comes in.
  • Covers all furniture and fixtures or even remove them.
  • Starts scrapping the old paint (if required) and dust all over the space.
  • Will repair the wall for any damages, loose patches and unevenness.
  • Leaves the repair for a day to dry and become strong.
  • Start painting first coat and may be some paint drops may fall here and there.
  • Will do second coat.
  • May even do third coat.
  • Cleans the spaces and moves out.
  • Now you have to remove the coverings.
  • Put back the furniture and fixtures in place.
  • You will find more residue of dust, paint of something else which needs to be cleaned.
  • Start using the space and also enjoy the smell and odor of paint and dust.
  • This may take a time of minimum 4 to 7 days.

Disclaimer: No hard feeling for paint industry. Above points are based on normal working style in India. We appreciate and have lot of respect for very few, more efficient painters who are there and can do the work with wonderful professionalism and who takes care of the residents.

Wallpaper vs Paint and here wallpaper has a huge edge. Wallpaper takes less time to be done and is much more convenient to the residents.

Cost and Money.

Paint can be done with much less money if high end look and feel is not required. Let us keep white wash also in the category of paint. In India White Washing is quite cheaper. Here it is very important to mention that the skill and steps in paint depends upon the type of finish you want.

Let us assume a cost of Rs. 2500.00 per roll of wallpaper of 57 sq.ft. and consider 7 sq ft as wastage while installing. The per sq. ft. cost comes around Rs. 50.00 per sq.ft. This the most reasonable and most economical costing of wallpaper rolls including installation.

For a reasonably good quality of paint you will have to invest same amount in paint as well.

But you can get a great look and feel with distemper or even some better quality distemper at a cost of around Rs. 15.00 t Rs. 20.00 per sq.ft.

For High End paint you may have to invest around Rs. 100.00 to Rs. 150.00 per sq.ft. This cost in wallpaper works out to Rs. 5000.00 to Rs. 5500.00 per roll. In this cost Ryou can get excellent and exclusive designs, finishes and textures in wallpaper. The options are unlimited in the price bracket of Rs. 3000 to Rs. 5500 per roll (57 sq.ft. standard considered) wall paper.

Wallpaper vs Paint – here is a tough fight but wallpaper and some edge due to design options and variety at the same price range and also the ultimate result which you will get.


Redoing, Repair and Maintenance.

Let us use the above words and try to understand each word using minimum words to reply on them.

Redoing –

Wallpaper removing may be tedious if the paper is to be scrapped in pieces. But if it comes off in large pieces it will be great. After this you have to repair the base wall to get smooth, firm and dry wall.

Paint you may have to rub off or scrap the paint. Re primer the wall for the new paint texture and finish. Wall needs to be repaired to get the smooth, firm and dry finish. Painting will take couple of days to do.

Repair –

Only if paper has peeled off or joints opened on dry wall can be repaired instantly without much hassel. You can repaste the wallpaper to its original position. But in case of damage it cannot be repaired. You have remove the paper and do it afresh again.

Paint if damaged cannot be repaired locally because there will be shade difference which will be clearly visible. You have to repaint the particular wall fully that needs repair.

Maintenance –

Wallpaper needs very less maintenance and can be brushed off, vacuumed and even cleaned with light sponge and water.

Paint also has the same features if the quality of paint used is good and can be cleaned with water and sponge. brushing off and vacuum can of course be done.

Thats all in this. If you have any questions on this do drop a comment. Will request you to like and share this with your friends.

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