What are the different types of flooring options ?

What are the different types of flooring options ?

There are many different types of flooring options which can be used in any house of offices. Most of them are common for homes and commercial space and few are exclusively for commercial spaces. Let us try to understand the different types of flooring options available.

We all love to read in points. So let us write in points.

1. PCC cement floor. This is a simple cement based PCC floor looks like cement plaster.

2. Terazzo or Granite and marble chips mixed in white cement with colour added to it. In this different chips of different coloured stones are mixed in white cement. Some colour is also added to white cement and floor is layed. After this the floor is cut with polishing machine to give it smooth finish.

3. Marble floor. There are many different types of marbles available in the market. India is rich is range and variety of marbles. Makrana has calcium based marbles and other marbles are dolomite. Marble floorings give soft feel and look.  Marble flooring is good for residential, hotels, temples, churches, mosques flooring.  You will feel pleasant to walk and stay in areas installed with marble flooring.

4. Italian Marble Floor. I am keeping Italian Marble separate from rest of marbles because this is a totally different marble which is very soft and also gives a very soft look. Takes polish very nicely and gives any space an elegant and exclusive look.  Italian Marble is even more soft and smooth.  They are not very rough and tough to use unlike other marbles available in India.  Italian Marble flooring gives an elegant and exclusive look to any five star hotel, premium residential space.  This is so because Italian Marble takes polish very nicely and it gives a wonderful sheen and luster to the floor.

5. Granite Floor.  Granite floor is the flooring for any rough and heavy traffic place like hospitals, airports, railway station, colleges, schools.  This is a hard natural stone.  Normally Granite is the only natural stone which is available pre polished when you buy.  Granite is a wonderful stone flooring for any heavy traffic area.  Even more important is that Granite Flooring is the best stone for stairs.

6. Kota stone floor. – This is a grey looking stone available in Kota Region of Rajasthan.  This stone can be polished and looks reasonably nice and decent.  This stone is considered to be economical as well as rough and tough for flooring.  The Kota Stone Flooring can be polished and waxed.

7. Sand stone floor. – Sand stone is also widely found in Rajasthan.  To create a different and elegant look of any space you can opt for Sand Stone Floor.  The Sand Stone is more used in walls and elevations.  Being a very porous stone this stone tend to absorb stains fast and is quite difficult to maintain.  If you can maintain this stone, the flooring may look great.

8. Ceramic Tiles. – The Ceramic Tiles are factory made flooring tiles.  The advantage of this flooring is that they are economical and are very easy to install and maintain.  The tiles are available in unlimited colours, shades and designs.  With the invent of digital printing technology you can find any design and texture on Ceramic Tile or for that matter any Tile.  You can get the tile digitally printed as well from various printing presses who have facility of printing on ceramic tiles.

9. Vitrified Tiles. – Similar to Ceramic Tiles, vitrified tiles are also machine made flooring material.  Vitrified Tiles are tougher than ceramic tiles and can be installed on heavy traffic areas.  There are many different variety of Vitrified Tiles available in the market.  We will take up the different types of Vitrified Tiles in some other blog.

10. Wooden Flooring – In Wooden Flooring many different options are available.  The basic wooden flooring is the Laminate Wooden Flooring.  This flooring is made up of HDF Core board as the major content which gives shape and dimension to the flooring plank.  On this core board the photo of some wooden texture and design is laminated and the laminated photo is protected through various means.  Other than Laminate Wooden Flooring other Wood Floors are Engineered Wooden Flooring and the Real Hard Wood Floor.  Laminate floor being the most convenient and economical floor, engineered wood floor and hard wood floor are premium floor and comes under exclusive option.

11. PVC Vinyl Flooring – PVC means Poly Vinyl Choliride a petroleum bi product.  PVC Flooring or Vinyl Flooring is a type of plastic floor which has multiple advantages and uses.  The economical range is available in very thin thickness  of less than 1.00mm, whereas the premium and heavy duty vinyl floorings are available in thicker options of 2.00 mm and above.  Vinyl Flooring has a very wide range and has got wonderful prints and designs.  Vinyl is used in homes and commercial spaces as well.

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12. Wall to wall carpet.- To give any place an elegant and soft look you need this flooring called Wall to Wall Carpet.  Ever visited any star hotel’s banquet or meeting halls.  You will find the place floored with Wall to Wall Carpet.  The Wall to Wall Carpet has many options and textures available.  The basic rough use carpet which is used in public functions is called Non Woven Carpet.  Beyond his there are loop pile carpet for rough uses.  The other one is cut pile premium thick carpets.  The latest entrant is the Carpet Tiles.  They are majorly used in Corporate Offices and are very rough and tough to use.  The nylon fiber carpet tiles can be used in heavy traffic areas like Airports as well.  If they can be used in such heavy traffic areas, you can easily use them in your homes and offices.

These are few flooring options which are common and used in homes and commercial establishments.  Other than these there are few others like Epoxy Floor, Cobels, Floor paints etc.

This ends our topic on – What are the different types of flooring options ?

Hope you enjoyed reading the article.  You may also be having few more flooring ideas.  Please do drop your comments in the comment sections.

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