What are the different types of Paints ?

What are the different types of Paints ?

Paint is a liquid which can be applied on any surface, which when dries creates a thin-film on the surface the liquid is applied.  There are different options about painting.  So let us understand what are the different types of paints ?

Painting any space is very important.  There are numerous advantages of painting.  Let us take note or the 9 most important advantages of painting any space.

  1. It enhances the look of the surface that has been painted.
  2. Creates or radiates positive energy around the space.
  3. Increases the value of the space.
  4. Gives a clean and crisp look.
  5. Brightens up the space.
  6. This is the easiest way to decorate, redecorate and remodel your space.  Easiest Makeover.
  7. Enhance the life of the walls and surface and protect them from any possible damages.
  8. Minimises the dust and dirt on the walls and interiors.
  9. Improves the quality of indoor air.

If you think any other advantage of painting, please leave a comment in the comment section.

Let us briefly understand what the different types of paints.To cover it comprehensively let us try to cover almost all types of painting options.  We will cover almost all types of painting options.  This will help us in understanding more about our question of the day what are the different types of paints ?

What are the different types of Paints
White Wash with blue indigo.
White Wash 

White Wash is done using Lime Stone treated with water.  The Lime reacted water is than stirred using a very thin cloth to remove the thick part of residue.  This is done to get the fine mixture of white liquid.  Adhesive is required to be added to give better adhesion to your white wash.  Otherwise, you may face the problem of lime or white wash coming off your walls and damaging your clothes and white powder coming off on your clothes and hands.

To give more brightness to your whitewash you can add indigo to it.  Some colors pigments are also added to the white lime water and adhesive to give some unique colors to the white wash.

What are the different types of Paints
White Wash in Lime.

Personally I do not recommend this paint anymore as there are many more alternate options available now.  This completes our first point of our question, what are the different types of paints.


Distemper is the better option of paint.  We can say that distemper is a better white wash.  Distemper is made using some white powder bonded with resins and is a solution dissolved in water.  The distemper can be further dissolved in water to get a beautiful finish on your interior walls.  Distemper paint is normally available in white color base and other colors can be created by using color pigments.  Distemper paint gives a very smooth and fine finish in comparison to white wash.

There are two types of distemper – Dry Distemper and Oil based Distemper.  The dry distemper comes in powder bag whereas the oil based distemper comes in liquid form.

Distemper was the first proper paint which became popular in India.  Normally it became a synonymous to paint in India and anyone who wanted to get their homes painted use to say “Distemper karana hai”.  But these lines are gone and there are multiple options now available in the market and you can get wonderful and excellent finishes in paints.  This completes our another point of our question, what are the different types of paints.

What are the different types of Paints
Paint (Image courtesy
Emulsion Paint

Emulsion Paint is the name for paints that are normally water based paint.  In other words the paint that has been created on water solvent is called Emulsion Paint.  Emulsion is a technical name for a liquid which is made by mixing two or more liquids that do not mix properly, like water and oil.  If we try to mix oil in water or water in oil you cannot mix them.  Such a mixture of non mixable liquids or products is called emulsion.  Emulsion paints are made by mixing different products to create a paint with the main base as water.  This paint when applied on the surface creates the finish or the layer when the water in that composition gets evaporated or the paint dries.

The Emulsion paints are normally water based hence dries faster in comparison to the other family of paints which are not water based.  Generally, the emulsion paint give you a matt finish when applied.  This completes our another point of our question, what are  the different types of paints.

Enamel Paint.

Enamel paints are normally oil based or solvent based.  The solvent of the enamel paint are in general terms Thinner or Turpentine.  The thinner or turpentine works as the solvent of these enamel paint.  The other resins, pigments and chemicals which are mixed to create the enamel paint is dissolved in these oils to create the paint liquid.  The paint liquid when applied on the surface gives a smooth, glossy and thicker film when the oil like thinner, turpentine or linseed oil gets evaporated and the paint dries.

The Enamel paint takes longer time to dry in comparison to Emulsion Paint which is water based.  The Enamel paint gives a better glossy finish.  Normally enamel paints are washable and lasts longer.  In addition to the finish to the surface these paints creates a protective layer on the surface on which the enamel paint is applied.  This completes our another point of our question, what the different types of paints.

Metallic Paint.

Metallic Paints are Acrylic Emulsion Paint and are water base but gives a metallic effect and look.  These are special effect paints and can create different looks on your wall.  The design and effect can be created using various tools which can give these metallic paint a special and different look to your place.  To give the metallic feel and look to any paint some metal, specially aluminium flakes are used in the process of making the metallic paint.

What are the different types of Paints
Metallic Paint

The category of metallic paint is included in this article to give our readers the advantage of having almost all types of paints in pone page itself.  This completes our another point of our question, what are the different types of paints.

Primer Paint.

Primer paint is a very important paint component.  The primer paint is the paint that supports and enhances the performance final layer of the paint.  When applied before the final paint creates as wonderful base for the final paint.  This paint covers the pores and holes on the wall, minor cracks on the wall.  The primer paint also acts as a barrier against excessive soaking of paint by the wall or the painting surface, resulting in less consumption of the finishing paint.  The wall or the painting surface if painted with primer before actual painting can save on paint consumption.  This is so because the wall will absorb less paint and the coverage of the paint can be increased to a great extent.

What are the different types of Paints
Primer Paint on exterior walls.

Primer can be used to freshen up a dirty wall before painting.  If the surface of the wall or place you want to paint is smooth and paintable you can freshen up the wall by just painting a coat of primer and then apply the final paint.  Also if you are planning to paint a light colour paint on a dark paint.  It is mandatory to paint a coat or two of primer.

It is also recommended to apply primer on walls on which you want to put wall papers.  There are two types of primer – Water based Primer and Oil based primer.  You can use them as per your requirement.  It is always recommended to apply primer before painting on any surface like walls, wood, metal or even plastic.  The surface pre treated with primer will give better result and save on the cost and performance of the final paint.  This completes our another point of our question, what are the different types of paints.

Epoxy Paint.

Epoxy Paint is mainly an Industrial or Garage Paint which is painted on the floor.  The Epoxy paint is also painted on walls of hospitals specially the operation theater.  The walls painted with epoxy paint can be washed, cleaned and disinfected using various medical disinfectant before and after any major surgery.

What are the different types of Paints
Epoxy Painted Floor

Epoxy paint on the floor are done is some large areas like hospitals, industries, garages and warehouses.  The epoxy paint is normally done on floor for giving the floor a smooth look and finish.  It is easier to keep a smooth floor clean than a rough floor.  Lately, epoxy paint floors are being used in houses as well, but not much in India.  This is so because we have many more alternate options.  Epoxy paint is a special purpose paint.  Due to its hard finish, it is being used in various other uses like for making epoxy painted table tops.  Epoxy is a very hard and tough chemical.  Epoxy is widely used in repairing Italian Marble slabs as they are very porous and have lots of cracks in it.  Clear epoxy is used in covering the cracks and holes in italian marble and other natural stones.

At present I do not find much use of epoxy paint in residential uses.  This completes our another point of our question, what are the different types of paints.

Texture Paint.

The texture paint by its name itself explains that the surface of this type of paint gives various textures in finish.  The finish and designs are normally popular in rough and uneven finish.  Ofcourse, smooth finishes are also possible.  The uneven finish it creates on the surface is the USP of this type of paint.  Additional material like sand, wood, metal etc. are used to give the rough and uneven finish, which looks beautiful.

What are the different types of Paints
Texture Paint

Many different tools like comb, roller, sponge, trowels etc. are used while doing the texture paint.  These tools are mainly used to create the design and texture of the texture paint. To give a two tone or double colour effect various stencils and design tools are used to create different and unique look.

Normally these paints are done on one or two walls as highlighter walls.  The nearest competitor of texture paint are wall papers.  This completes our another point of our question, what are the different types of paints.

We have covered almost all types of paints available in the market at present.  Incase you have some more inputs which you would like to add to this, please do leave your comments in the comment section.





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