What are the different types of Stairs Options ?

What are the different types of Stairs Options ? This is the topic of discussion of this article.

Let us discuss the different types of Stairs options we have.   Here is a small list of different types of material used in stairs which gives us the answer to our question of what are the different types of Stairs Options.

  1. Stone Stairs –  Granite, Marble, Kota Stone.
  2. Simple Concrete Stairs.
  3. Wooden Stairs.
  4. Glass Stairs.
  5. Ready Made Stairs Tiles.
  6.  MS Iron for outdoors.

Let us try to understand what are the different types of Stairs Options, one by one.

Stone Stairs.

In stones we have few and many options available for using them on stairs.  We can use almost all types of stones in stairs.  Each one of the stone will give a different look to our stairs.  The very commonly used stones in stairs are – Granite, Marble, Kota Stone, Sand Stone etc.

What are the different types of stairs options
Few Granite Colour Options

Granite is the best option for stairs in heavy traffic areas as granite slabs comes prepolished from the granite processing units.  The stairs made of Granite looks great.  There is no need to polish the granite.  It looks fresh and new, for years.

Stairs gets dirty easily.  Due to high friction walking on stairs, the wear and tear of stair is very high. In high traffic areas Granite is a better option for stairs.  Granite does not take stains and marks. It is a hard stone,  Because of the hardness, wear and tear or aging is quiet low. It looks fresh and new for a much longer period.

What are the different types of stairs options
Kota Stone

 Kota Stone is also a very good option in stairs with heavy traffic having budget constraints.  There are not much colour options in Kota Stone.  Kota Stone is a Grey Colour stone which can be polished and is quiet rough and rugged.


Marble is the second best option in residential areas or hotels. This is so because the looks of the marble is soft. There are many different options available in marble.  Another advantage of Marble stairs is that Marble is a repolishable stone.  You can repolish the marble stairs.  In residential areas or even premium hotels Marble looks great.  Italian Marble looks even better if can be maintained.


What are the different types of stairs options
Beautiful Stair Case in Granite – Marble.

For very elegant and premium areas Italian Marble stairs also looks superb.

Kota Stone is the another natural stone which can be used for stairs. This is also a rough and tough stone and needs very less maintenance. Of course, you have to compromise on looks and elegance.

Simple Concrete Stairs.

Concrete is the another options for stairs.  However, these stairs may not look great or good, but are very easy to make and maintain.

Any fixed structure stairs are first made in bricks and mortar.  So initially concrete stairs are made.  They can be finished in concrete and kept as it is.  They are also finished in Terazo (White Cement plus marble or granite chips).  You can give any shape and size to these stairs.

At a later date when you feel like changing the look of these stairs, you can finish the stairs by simply decorating it with Granite, Marble or any other stone, wood or even use any other options which is available and comes to your mind at that time.

What are the different types of stairs options
Outdoor Wooden Stair Case.

Wooden Stairs.

Wooden Stairs are used mainly in indoors.  The second place where we must have seen wooden stairs are outdoor stairs in hilly areas. As the weather is mostly cold and moist there, wooden stairs are used.  Wood being a natural product tend to decay fast and frequent repairs may be required in outdoors.  But in Indoors, wooden stairs may look elegant and exclusive.  Of course, maintenance will be required to keep them looks elegant.

In many spaces you may find wooden stairs covered with Carpets and Carpet runners.  While climbing or coming down the stairs, the edge of the stair faces the maximum friction.  Due to this, the finish of the wooden stairs gets rubbed off on edges.  It is also seen that in hilly areas the wooden stairs are oil painted to enhance the life of the wood.  Wooden stairs definitely looks elegant always.

What are the different types of stairs options
Glass Stairs

Glass Stairs.

Glass is no more a fragile product.  With advancement in glass manufacturing technology stairs can now be made in glasses.  Even stronger options have been made with glass – “The Great Sky Walks”.  Glass stairs gives a premium look to your interiors and space.  They will give exclusive look but will need a good amount of maintenance to keep them look beautiful.

What are the different types of stairs options
Outdoor Iron Structure Stair Case.
What are the different types of stairs options
Spiral Iron Stair.

Metal – Iron Stairs.

Metal – MS Iron Stairs is another good option for stairs, specially outdoor stairs.  The Metal Stairs are mainly used for faster solution, flexibility and in places where there is space constraint.  The round type metal stairs are the most common.  The round, spiral metal stairs solves your problem of creating stairs when you have very little space.  Iron stairs are reasonable easier to maintain.  They have many different designs available and the Victorian designs looks great when blended with other interior designing aspects.

Tiles Stairs.

Now let us discuss the ready-made tiles stairs. These stairs are factory made using the technology to make vitrified tiles.

The advantages of these stairs..

  • Factory made.
  • Variety of colours can be created.
  • Different designs, grooves on stair nose.
  • Any size of the stairs can be created by joining or cutting different pieces of stairs.
  • Easy to remove and fix new stairs.

The main disadvantage of this product can be:

  • Faster wear and tear.
  • Discoloration.
  • Non availability of the design and color installed after some time.
  • Less in strength.

My personal vote is towards stone stairs.  They look great, last long and are very easy to maintain.

The same advantage of tile stairs is available in Ready-Made Granite and Marble Stairs, with almost no disadvantage. You can buy ready-made stairs in Granite and Marble. You can get multiple design, creativity, exclusiveness of your stairs. There are manufacturers who can provide you ready-made stairs in Granite and Marble.  Please leave your contact details for more information on ready-made Granite and Marble Stairs, we will pass on your details to the manufacturers.

Only issue with this is the small quantity of stairs required in residential projects. Also logistics and personal taste of the individual. If you have large projects, ready-made stone floors are the best solution.

We have covered almost all the possible types of material that can be used in Stairs.  This brings to the end of our question – What are the different types of Stairs Options ?  Interior Decoration and Construction is an ever evaluating field.  New things and options keeps on coming.  If you have more options of material that can be used in stairs, please do leave your comments below.

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