What is Bird Spike and Bird Net ?

What is Bird Spike and Bird Net ?

Birds are beautiful.  They look great in any natural habitat.  In modern day living people do not like birds to stay and live in the places they live in.  The main reason why people do not like bird to near their habitat are dirt, bird droppings, feathers  bird spread around the place they live and sound bird make.  People want to find way to keep birds away and out of places they live.  Bird Spikes and bird net comes into place to keep the birds away from places you do not want them to be in.


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First of all let us understand Bird Spikes.

Bird spikes are sharp or semi sharp pointed plastic or metal spikes which can be fixed on places where normally birds make their home or place of rest.  They can also be installed in places you do not want the birds to come, stay and make the place dirty with their feathers, droppings, eggs, sounds and noise and so many things birds bring  with them.  Bird spikes are fixed on all the surfaces where normally birds come and stay.  The bird spikes makes it difficult and even impossible for birds to sit on the place where bird spikes are installed.  It is seen that humans mainly do not like birds to stay indoor and make the place dirty with their droppings.

The bird spike must not be very sharp which may kill the bird.  It is recommended to have a blunt point spike which does not enter the body of the bird.  If the spikes are very sharp it may enter the body of the bird and kill it.  This will cause additional problem of

  • killing a life,
  • removing the body of dead birds,
  • droppings of blood due to the sharp object that has stabbed the bird.

Another point is that the material by which the spike is made must be a bit flexible so that it does not break when a big size bird tries to sit on the spike.

Bird spikes are generally screwed on the walls and places where they are installed.  They can also be installed using silicon adhesive, but in this case you may have to install and reinstall the spike whenever it comes off.

Now let us discuss Bird Nets

The reason for using bird nets are also the same as using the bird spikes.  Bird nets are used in places where you cannot install bird spikes or bird spikes are not effective.  Suppose you do not want the birds to enter any particular area, here you have to install the bird net.  The bird nets are available in different colours, but transparent or white birds nets are better as it will not disturb the looks and feel of the place the bird net is installed.  It will not disturb the elevation.  It is normally seen that bird nets are installed in balcony of flats, just under the ceiling – specially under those ceilings where the design allows the birds to make their place of rest.

The problem with bird net is that when birds try to cross the net they may get entangled in the net, they may leave feathers entangled on the net which may look bad.  Also due to weather aging and frequent effort of birds to enter the area the net may get damaged.  It is very important to install the bird nets which are weather aging proof.  Also it is important that the bird net is fixed properly and nicely stretched so that it looks smart and nice.  A loosely installed bird net looks very shabby and untidy and also allows the birds to seat and hang on the net itself.

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These two products – bird spike and bird nets are great product where you want to check and control the entry and staying of birds.  They have improved the look and feel of many heritage building.  These products have made the life of a housewife easier as they do not have to clean the balcony too frequently.

Hope you liked reading this blog –  What is Bird Spike and Bird Net ?.  If you have some more inputs to this please do consider leaving your comments.

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