What is Customised Wallpaper ?

Customised Wall Paper. Product review.

Wallpaper is in great trend these days. Wallpaper is also called wall covering. Wallpaper is normally used as a premium wall covering in place of paint. Wallpaper gives a great, premium and exclusive look to your wall or walls.

There are two broad types of wall papers – Pre Printed Wall Paper and Customise Printed Wallpaper.

As the name explains, preprinted wall papers are ready to use, preprinted wall papers in various designs, colors and patterns. Customised Printed Wallpapers are printed as per the choice of design and color of the customer. These designs and colors can be as per the demand and choice of the customer. You can even get your photographs printed on the customized wall paper.

With the wonderful development in printing, designing, computers and ink technologies, the customized wall paper has gained lot of importance. So also, the above development has improved the furnishing industry as well. Now your upholstery, curtains and blinds can be printed as per your choice.

Let us now try to understand the difference between Customised Printed Wall Papers and Pre Printed Wallpapers.

  1. Pre Printed Wallpapers are common and you may find the same wallpaper in different places including your space. Whereas, Customised Printed Wallpapers can be unique and different for you. If you or your designer has put in efforts, your wallpaper will be unique and different in itself. You can be the only proud owner of that particular wallpaper.
  2. Pre Printed Wallpapers are relatively less priced as they are printed in bulk. The Customised Printed Wallpaper is relatively costlier as they are printed in small quantities as per the size, design and demand of the customer.
  3. In Pre Printed Wallpapers the design will repeat in equal intervals. In Customised Printed Wall Paper you can control how the paper should look. Only one photo can be printed all over the wallpaper of a particular wall.
  4. When you are using Pre Printed Wallpaper, you will have to hunt and search the upholstery, curtains, fabrics, and blinds etc. which should match and complement the wallpaper. In Customised Wallpaper, it is very convenient. The vendor printing the wallpaper can also print the upholstery, curtains, fabric and even blinds matching or complementing the wallpaper.
  5. Pre Printed Wallpapers come in bulk in prints and designs already printed. In customized wallpaper, you can print almost anything from your own photo to photos of your heroes, your favorite sports, sportsman, musical instrument, musicians. You can also use the customized wallpaper as your vision board, by printing your goal and vision of your life.
  6. You can have wonderful 3D designs printed on the customized wallpaper. 3D designs are also available in preprinted wallpapers as well, but the designs can be common. You cannot much control the designs, prints and color combination. In customized wallpaper you can get the print, design and color customized as per your interiors and as per your choice.
  7. In Pre Printed Wallpapers different Medias are used to print the wall paper to give the wallpaper different looks and grace. Similarly, in Customised Wallpaper, different Medias are available to get your wallpaper printed. The different know Medias are PVC, Non-Woven, Canvas, Sparkle and metallic etc.
  8. Wallpapers are normally used to highlight some walls. Pre Printed Wallpapers are also used to cover the entire space, instead of painting. Customised Wallpapers are also used to highlight one or two walls. Customised Wallpapers can also be used to cover the walls of the entire space. However, preprinted wallpapers may be a bit economical or less costly but customized wallpaper may be costlier than preprinted wallpaper, depending upon your choic

Other conditions and precautions before and after installation are same in both the cases. For understanding the precautions you need to take before installing the wallpaper, please visit our YouTube Channel –

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