What is PVC Vinyl Flooring and its Pros & Cons?

What is PVC Vinyl Flooring and its Pros & Cons ?

PVC Flooring or Vinyl Flooring is a wonderful product for flooring. This flooring product has variety of uses and can be used in almost all places. The only difference is that you have to have the knowledge to understand the use of a particular quality of flooring.  Let us try to understand What is PVC Vinyl Flooring and its Pros & Cons ?

There are many types of Vinyl Flooring available in the market. Thinner the flooring material, cheaper it is. Cheaper it is, less life it has.  Also it will not look very good or impressive.  The above points are for the cheaper variant of Vinyl Flooring.  The reservations about Vinyl Flooring are due to the fact that many people who are not happy with the product have used cheaper variant of this wonderful product.

Generally the thickness available in Vinyl Floor are –

  • 0.50 to 0.75 mm
  • 1.0mm,
  • 1.2 to 1.3 mm,
  • 1.50mm,
  • 2.00mm, 3.00 mm.
  • Other speciality and sports floor are available in 4 mm and above thickness.

For extreme commercial and short term use thickness below 1.00mm is used or recommended.  For a slightly better result or light use residential applications 1.00mm to 1.30mm is good.

To immediately understand what is Vinyl Floor, please recall your recent train journey. The flooring is railway coaches is mostly vinyl. This is so because they are very strong, rough and tough and easy to clean.

Vinyl flooring is available for all types of applications like light use, medium use and even for heavy uses.

The light use vinyl are heterogeneous vinyl with print and design on top layer and the secondary layer is to give the thickness and dimensional stability to flooring product.

The heavy use vinyl which are used in  train coach, hospitals, factories and many such places homogeneous vinyl is preferred. In this type of vinyl flooring material the entire thickness of the floor is of the same material from top to bottom.  In this category also there are different quality and raw material standards.  We will discuss the different raw material of premium quality vinyl in some other article.

Another option available is that vinyl is available in roll or sheet form and tiles form. Tiles are easier to handle and install. Normally designer or residential flooring is available in tiles where as all commercial or heavy duty floors are available in rolls. But this is not the thumb rule.

Vinyl Flooring is looks beautiful wherever they are installed and are easy to clean, easy to install and easy to maintain, this material has many other beautiful feathers in its cap.

Let us try to understand other specialties of Vinyl Floor in different areas of uses:

1. Hospital – Easy to clean and anti skid floors.

2. Hospital – Anti Static or ESD Floors.

3. Industrial – ESD or anti static floor with proper additional ESD or Anti Static treatments.

4. Transport vehicle –  Vinyl Floors for Trains, Buses, Metros etc.

5. Educational Institutions floor- Elegant looks, Easy to Clean, Anti Skid and Protects from Accidental damage.

6. Sports floor – To protect from injury and joint jerks.

7. Hospitals, Operation Theaters, ICUs – Anti Bacterial Floor and Wall Vinyl.

Vinyl, PVC Flooring is a wonderful product which has lots of advantage and benefits. Of course this is a product of petroleum bi product which may have some cons attached to it but the pros or advantages overweight the cons or disadvantages.

The major advantages of Vinyl Flooring are:

  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to remove.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Gives a cushion to the floor.
  • Makes the floor easy to clean.
  • Makes the floor anti skid/anti slip.
  • Makes the floor stain proof.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to repair if Tile form of Vinyl Floor has been used.

What you would want from a flooring.  Vinyl gives you all possible advantage and flexibility for you.

This ends our article on What is PVC Vinyl Flooring and its Pros & Cons ?

Hope this article was of use to read.  If you have some inputs to this please do leave your comments in the comment section.

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5 Comments on “What is PVC Vinyl Flooring and its Pros & Cons?

  1. Vinyl flooring may be used in home use in bedroom or lobby ??? What Abt it’s life in home use and how good it looks । It can be used on marble flooring ? If we use vinyl tiles what Abt filling up the joints।

    • It is a wonderful product. If you use vinyl of above 1.3mm or atleast 1.5mm thickness it will last for more than 8 to 10 years. It is easy to install, maintain and looks excellent. Watch my video on vinyl flooring on my youtube channel InteriorDost

      • No need to fill joints. They can be flushed with one another and also a welding coil of PVC is available to make the floor jointless.

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