What is the preferred window covering Curtains or Blinds ?

What is the preferred window covering Curtains or Blinds, and why ?

Window covering is the most important element in any and every interiors.  The question is – What is the preferred window covering Curtains or Blinds, and why ? Even when you want to keep your windows open to outdoors.  You have to put some element to the window.

Before we start let us be clear that there is as such no preferred window covering. The only thing is new and more options that are available to cover your windows.  Mainly there are two options to cover your window and one more bonus option.  We will understand – What is the preferred window covering Curtains or Blinds, and why ?

The two main options are:

1. Curtains.

2. Blinds.

and the bonus one is

2 a . Glass Film or Sun Control Film. Let us not discuss about this in this blog.

Now let us discuss the word preferred. What is the preferred window covering Curtains or Blinds, and why ? As such we can say what is preferred and what is not among above two (three).  Curtains and Window Blinds both are good in different locations.  In other words, curtains are great in many places, locations and properties, whereas in some other places and areas window blinds looks better. As such there is no rule and there is no need for one.

Traditionally, Curtains were used in homes and blinds in offices. In residences curtains look great whereas blind look great in offices. But this concept is no more valid these days. Curtains however still remains in homes and hospitality or hotels window covering, but blinds have entered to homes and hotels as well.  Blinds are now being used along with curtains in many places.  Curtains being the main window covering and blinds complementing the usability and enhancing the grace and decor of the space.

Curtains are more of traditional and you can not add much to curtains.  Only difference that can be created is by stitching the curtain folds in different formats, adding different types of fabrics together and also adding some falls, flows and waves to a curtain installed window.

On the other hand Window Blinds have a very wide range, options and designs.  Window have a very different and contrast characters in them.  The function ability of window blinds are unmatched.  It is very easy to control light and privacy in window blinds.  Let me give you the names of different types of blinds available in the market.

1. Venetian Blinds.

2. Vertical Blinds.

3. Roller Blinds.

4. Roman Blinds.

5. Zebra Blinds.

6. Triple Shade Blinds.

7. Eton or Vertical Fall Zebra type Blinds.

8. Pleated Blinds.

9. Bamboo Chick Blinds.

10. Wooden Venetian Blinds.

I think I have covered all of them.

Curtains have very few options. Only change we can make is the curtain stitching style, plates and mix and match combinations. You need a curtain rod to hang the curtain.  The blinds have different types of top channel to house all the controls and usability of the blind.  The top channel than can be covered with a valance or cassette.  You can play and change the type of curtain rod you want to use and make your decor different. Another change you can create by using very thin or net type fabric to medium to very heavy fabric. Also, we can hang the curtains from the ceiling to floor to give large window look. The fall of the curtains definitely gives a very elegant and cozy look to any place.

To make your home or hotel look heavy, premium and a very traditional or royal look you need curtains.  On the other hand if you want it to look modern and smart you need blinds.

But, in their own required spaces both are equally good.  So we can say there is nothing like What is the preferred window covering Curtains or Blinds, and why ?

So we can reply straight for the question – What is the preferred window cover ?  The answer is – both are equally wonderful depending upon the look and feel you want.  The place you want to use the window covering and your personal taste.

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