What is the Difference between POP and Wall Putty.

What is the difference between POP and Wall Putty ?  

Let us try to understand the difference between POP and Wall Putty.  POP is also called Gypsum Plaster.  Wall Putty is a cement based plaster which is used to finish the fresh walls before painting.  Both POP and Wall Putty are used to create a good base before painting the walls.  Many times both people find it difficult to understand what is the difference between POP and Wall Putty.

difference between pop and wall putty.

Let us make it simple to read and understand we will use bullet points.  The points makes it short and easy to understand.

First let us discuss POP also called Gypsum Plaster.

  • Used in Interior Walls.
  • Cannot and should not be used in exterior walls.
  • The POP can cover an undulation on walls of around 10 to 15mm.
  • The average setting time of POP is around 5 minutes.  To prolong its setting you have to add water.
  • Gives a very smooth finish to the wall.
  • Gypsum is fire resistant.
  • POP or Gypsum plaster is a very good heat insulator.  Can reduce indoor temperature.
  • Does not shrink or crack after setting.
  • You can do almost any time of design and ornamental work using POP or Gypsum Plaster.
  • difference between pop and wall putty.
    Ornamental Work
  • It is a very economical product.
  • Less Water resistant.  Can absorb water.
  • After applying POP, curing or watering is not required.
  • It is very easy to apply.

Main company in India selling this product is Sakarni marketed by Jai Durga.  However it is a natural product found in Rajasthan which is processed by other companies as well.

Now let us talk about Wall Putty.

Wall Putty is a white cement based product manufactured using some polymers, chemicals and resins.  The leading brand in this field is Birla White Putty.  Let us understand what is difference between POP and Wall Putty.  Now let us understand Wall Putty.

  • Can be applied in outdoor walls also and can be applied in indoor walls as well.
  • Wall Putty is more durable in comparison to POP.
  • The bonding of wall putty with wall is more firm and strong.
  • If properly mixed and applied can give good finish.
  • Wall Putty is water resistant, does not absorb water.
  • Easy to apply but a bit difficult in comparison to POP.  Needs some amount of skill.
  • Made of White Cement + Polymers, resins and chemicals.
  • Setting time is around 2 hours.
  • Machine mixing (stirrer) of Wall Putty is better to get best results.
  • While applying it is better to apply upwards to get better result and less wastage.
  • Multiple layer can be applied.
  • Maximum thickness cannot be more than 3mm.  Ideal thickness is 1.5mm.
  • No curing required after applying.
  • Top layer is to be finished with Emery Paper to get rid of level lines and undulations.
  • Can be used in moist walls.

To summarize what is the difference between POP and Wall Putty , a single line is more than sufficient – POP is good for indoor walls and Putty is good for outdoor walls.

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