What is WPC Board? Product explained fully.

WPC Board is the latest enterant in the field of boards for furniture industry and other uses.  As this is very new type of board, many people asks, what is WPC Board ?  The simple answer to the question of what is WPC Board, lies in the question itself.  The full form of WPC Board is Wood Polymer Composite Board.  In the family of ply board, block board, particle board, mdf board or hdf board, WPC board is the latest board.  It is not that new but is the latest enterant.

Initially when WPC Board entered the market there were many issues with the board.  The board performance had complaint of not being able to hold the nails firmly and even chipping off.

The WPC Board is manufactured using wood particles, polymer (Plastic) and various resins and bonding agents.  All these items are mixed and bonded together to make a board.  The WPC Board is available in differrent thicknesses of 6 mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 18mm, 20mm upto 25mm or even higher.  18mm thickness is the best thickness for being used in furniture industry.

With gradual improvement in the item the product has reached almost the stage of perfection.  Now there are different levels and grades of WPC Boards available in the market.  Instead of asking the question “What is WPC Board?” , the new question is what are the different types of WPC Boards.

Different Grades and types of WPC Boards: 

The low density WPC Board.

The medium density WPC Board.

The high density WPC Board.

Just to explain density in simple language for the readers who may not be familiar with this word, let us understand what is density and how to understand the density.  Density is the denseness of the core material used in the particular product.  Suppose you have three different  pieces of 6 inch x 6 inch x 18mm board of all the three densities explained above.

The High Density Piece  =  Heaviest

The Mid Density Piece = Mid Weight

The Low Density Piece = Lightest

This means that the raw material of the product is compressed to the maximum in heavy density board and least in the low density board.  Furthur, to explain again

Heavy Density WPC Board (Size 6″ x 6″ x  Thickness 18 mm)    = will need     = 300 grams of raw material.

Medium Density WPC Board (Size 6″ x 6″ x  Thickness 18 mm)    = will need     = 200 grams of raw material

Low Density WPC Board (Size 6″ x 6″ x  Thickness 18 mm)    = will need     = 100 grams of raw material

Now let us understand the uses of these different types of boards from high density to low density.

High Density WPC Board is the perfect WPC Board for being used in Furniture.  This board is very strong and tough.  The board holds the nails and screws with equal strength of marine ply of any other good quality wood.  The screws and nails can be redone with slight shift of location and the performance is equally good in comparison to any reasonably good quality ply.  We can use these boards for Modular Kitchen Partitions, Drawer Covers etc.

Medium Density WPC Board can be used in lighter use that standard furniture like Back cover of an almirah, small low intensity boxes, dry wall partitions, artifacts, false ceiling, wall paneling etc.

Low Density WPC Board can be used in even lighter uses like some decorative pieces like creating a laser cut design behind a glass wall or door of cupboard.  False Ceiling, decorative wall paneling, light duty dry wall partition etc.

Other advantages of WPC Boards are – Water Proof,  Termite Proof,  Fungus Proof,  Borer Proof, fire resistant (will not support fire to expand).  Due to all these advantages, this board can be used in moist areas like bathrooms, kitchens and even outdoor furniture.  If you want to place a shoe rack in outdoors, this board is the perfect match for this type of product.

Hope you must have found something of use in this article.  Incase you have any additional input please leave your comment below.

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  1. what’s best 4 kitchen cabinets—. Wpc brd or PVC brd or marine ply?

    • Depends on the budget and situation. For safe areas ply is ok, for humid areas marine is recommended. But areas with termite and too much moisture PVC/wpc is good.

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