Why does wooden flooring makes creaking sound ?

Why does wooden flooring makes creaking sound ?

This blog is not going to be very long because the reasons for the creaking sound in wooden flooring have very limited reasons.

Let us jot down all of them in points form, which we all love reading.  Following are the reasons Why does wooden flooring makes creaking sound ?

1. Uneven sub floor. –

When wooden flooring is installed on an uneven sub floor, the wooden floor makes the creaking sound. The wooden floor have normally  4ft long wood plank. Now suppose there is a depression or bump on the sub floor. As soon as you step on the area where there is depression on floor the planks will press deeper down. Due to this it makes the creaking sound.

If there is bump, here also, all-around the bump there is depression. When you step near the bump area, the wood floor will make the creaking sound.

Now let us get some butter from this.

How to solve this problem ? Mark and identify the area where the creaking sound comes. Remove the wood floor near and around that place. If there is depression fill the depressed area with POP or white cement. If this cannot be done add some extra underlay foam in that area. But harder material will be better. Try to cover the depression. Reinstall the floor. Done.

Now if you find a bump. Get a grinder and grind the bumpy spot and level the floor as much as possible. Reinstall the floor. Done.

2. Moisture under the wooden floor.

If there is moisture under the wood floor, the wooden floor planks will expand and locks will swell because your wooden floor has absorbed water or moisture. The deformed planks will make creaking noise.


Remove the wood floor. Identify the reason and source of water or moisture. Treat the reason of moisture so that this problem does not repeat. Till that time allow the wood floor planks to dry and regain it’s lost shape (if your flooring is of good quality). Put a polythene sheet on the floor, put the underlay leveling foam on the sub floor and reinstall the floor.

3. Improper installation.

Wooden flooring, be it laminate wooden floor, engineered wooden floor or hard wood floor has a tendency to responding to the temperature and humidity in the climate and air.

Wooden floor expands and contracts when weather changes. The main mistake is that sometimes the installer does not leave gaps all around your floor. Due to this when the floor planks expands and they do not have space to expand, the floor gets deformed and planks of the wooden floor gives bumps and unevenness. This deformed or expanded floor makes the creaking sound.


Remove the floor, create a gap of minimum half inch all around the periphery of the walls and reinstall the floor. Done.

Sometimes the planks may be wrapped or in deformed shape. This is another reason for the creaking sound. Here the product is defective which needs to be changed.

These are the major three reasons why does wooden flooring makes creaking sound ?  Also provided are possible solutions to each of the problem and reasons why does wooden flooring makes creaking sound.  We can say how to solve the problem of wooden flooring making creaking sound.

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